By: Nicholas Nguyen

How humans are effecting the tundra biome

  • Automobile tracks can create gullies that take forever to be fixed, if it is. (harm)
  • Humans build, overhunt, deforestate (I don't know if this is a word) (harm)
  • Change to other energy sources to prevent global warming (help)
  • Limit tourism (help)
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Fun Facts

  • The Inuit people of Alaska live on the tundra.
  • The word tundra comes from a Finnish word tunturi, which means treeless plain or barren land.


To live in the tundra, a coat and a "few" layers of clothing will be needed because the average temperature ranges from 20- (-70) degrees Fahrenheit. The animals have thick fur coats or they stay together to stay warm. There are many nice views in the tundra biome such as glaciers wildlife and the glistening waters. It is very hard to live in the tundra, but if you don't stay warm -- There will be consequences.