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We can all use a little more SEL Volume 1

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This newsletter is brought to you by the Los Angeles County Office of Education's Center for Distance and Online Learning. The Monthly MorSEL will be a clearinghouse of SEL resources, strategies, and information from our collective impact partnerships for you to use to support this critical work at your school sites.

Seeing Double

Contributed by ~ Los Altos Elementary, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District as part of the Los Angeles County Office of Education's Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) Teaching English Learners through the Arts (TELA) project.

Strengthening the experience of English Learners by integrating the arts into their education. This beautiful video is not only the integration of SEL and the arts but it promotes family engagement in such a wonderful way! Click below to watch the "Seeing Double" video.

A Very big thank you to the SPORT 2 Teams

Despite an unprecedented school year, you persevered. Suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention strategies were shared within your communities and implemented into your multi-tiered system of supports through our Suicide Prevention Ongoing Resiliency Training project. This video premiered at the Los Angeles County Suicide Prevention Network’s (LASPN) 10th Annual Suicide Prevention Summit. This project would not have happened without the support of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. Thank you! Enjoy the video.

"SPORT2 2020 Highlights" (LASPN 2020 Symposium Submission Video)

Join Us For Our First Customized Coaching Series

SPORT2 trained team members will have the opportunity to participate and engage in live Q&A with our content experts. Coaching and support will be customized for the implementation of your unique Multi-Tiered System of Support for suicide prevention. Click below for details and dates.

Take an Awe walk!

Contributed, in part, by ~ Karla Sequeira, TOSA Whittier City School District

Breathe in your Surroundings...

As we continue to navigate Distance Learning, try out new resources, and handle about a million other things, it's important to pause and take in the space around you. Breathe it in and hold it, admire it, and breathe out that positive intention. We have spent time in our spaces and have perhaps found beauty and wonder in the everyday. As educators, we spend a lot of time on the DOING part and it's mostly for others. So think about YOU! Try an Awe walk. “Experiencing awe can jolt us out of this self-focused mindset, stirring feelings of wonder and inspiration by reminding us that we’re a part of something larger than ourselves.”

Found Sounds Activity

Contributed by ~ Karla Sequeira, TOSA Whittier City School District

I was challenged to look around the house for a "found sound." I had to find an everyday object that was not an actual instrument but that makes a loud sound that I could use either as a rhythmic or percussive instrument. It was harder than I thought but hysterical as I was clanging and tapping objects. There was movement, conversation, laughter, and joy. It was part scavenger hunt, part personal narrative as I picked up items I had not touched or thought of in some time. (BTW, I ended up choosing an ancient, giant flour sifter!) Take a minute to challenge your students to find a "found sound!"

Calling all Elementary Teachers

CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative and Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) are excited to collaborate to bring high-quality arts integration professional learning to support Media Arts in Los Angeles County. The Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms Module will provide foundational skills and instruction. Media Arts is a natural fit for building important SEL skills in the elementary classroom. Students can express their voice and ideas in creative ways and build leadership skills. Click below to find out more!

SEL as a Foundation

According to CASEL, social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

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CASEL Webinar Series

As part of the CASEL CARES initiative, free webinars are offered every Friday to address how SEL can be most helpful in response to today’s circumstances. Below are some recorded sessions. Now you get to enjoy them at your convenience!