Construction Manager

Become a Construction Manager!! Whats stopping you?!

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Job Duties & Responsibilities

A construction manager has multiple tasks to take on as he or she is in charge of a lot of work. Some tasks consist of planning and organizing projects and getting different trades people involved for the project. Directing workers to what they have to complete and work on. You need to casually go and check up on the job site to make sure everything is on schedule with your timeline. Finally you have to keep budget for materials used for the client. Simply right?

Who Reports to this Position?

As a construction manager you get a lot of people reporting to you about how the job site is going and how far scheduled you are. For example painters and drywall finishers have to report to the construction manager to inform them if anything goes wrong or how far down the line they are. Construction managers themselves report to their clients about prices and progress and delays, they also have to report to their head office.

Average Wage

The average amount that a construction makes yearly can be between $34,000 to $97,000. This is also a voluntary trade meaning that you don't have to be licensed to work in this trade but education and training is required.

Possible work locations & Hours

Generally you work in a office discussing blue prints and talking to clients about prices and how far long you are into the project, but also you are often at the job site checking in on the work and to make sure that everything is on schedule. You usually end up working a 40 hour work week and are on On-call 24/7 just in case of emergencies or any problems that may occur.

What Education & Training required?

To be a construction manager you need a minimum of 5 years experience on the job site whether that's from your apprentice ship or working. For education requirements many companies would like to see a bachelors degree in building science or civil engineering.

Possible Hazards

There are not many hazards that can occur in the office, but on the job site there are many. Some hazards are falling from high up, Electrical shock, and not using safety equipment such as helmets, boots, gloves, etc. Those are some possible hazards but there are many ways to avoid any of that from happening.

Personal Qualities & traits Recommended

Some great personal qualities to have as a construction manager are being passionate for your job cause no one really wants to wake up in the morning to something they don't really enjoy. Being able to connect with others is also huge because you are talking to people on a consistent basis. Decision making skills for problems that occur in and out of the job site. There are many more but I only named a few.

Skills Needed

Some skills needed is to be able to give directions to people very clearly and thoroughly, if they cant understand what you want them to do then how are you going to get the job done? You also need to be able to delegate tasks to the right people who can complete them and to give an equal portion of the project to each member in what their skilled at.


After reading through all of this construction managers are pretty cool huh? In the future there are going to be a huge demand on workers in specialized trades so why not become a construction manager because you get to interact with people, you get a great years salary, and it gets you moving and active while also doing the occasional paper work.