The Heretic

Dante's Guide to Suffering Eternally (If You Don't Believe)

What Is a Heretic?

A Heretic is someone who does not believe in God or eternal life! They believe and/or practice religious heresy.
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According to Dante.. Your punishment is.....

SO, not believing in our Lord or eternal life, well, makes you face some consequences. Heretics reside in Circle 6 of Hell (also known as the City of Dis), it is so not a cool place! If you are a Heretic your punishment is being forced to be in a iron tomb that is burning hot, due to the flames around them (can you say, OUCH?). You think that's bad? Judgement Day, the lid will be sealed to the top of your tomb ant you will be stuck there, ETERNALLY (FYI,it is not fun)!

Your Hell Mates (If You're a Heretic, If Not You're Good)

Howard Stern, who doesn't know Howard Stern? Well Mr. Stern does not believe in religion (WHAT? Who knew?). Stern believes it divides people. Well, unfortunately for him (and I like him, he has nice curls), he will reside here in Circle 6.
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Mission Impossible 5: Escaping Hell

This new Mission Impossible will star Tom Cruise! Plot twist, it is mission impossible, he cannot escape, this is an eternal punishment . Mr. Cruise believes in Scientology, not religion. If he believed in Scientology AND religion, he would be okay, but he does not. Sorry Cruise you're a Heretic (which sucks, but I still love the you're movies).
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Don't be a Heretic, Be a..... Cool Person (It doesn't HAVE to rhyme)

Trust me, it is not worth it! Eternal damnation in a blazing hot iron tomb does not sound like fun (especially if you're claustrophobic, like me!). So stay on the "True Path" and you will not have to suffer eternally. Take Dante's advice, he knows what he is saying (he only went through Hell and survived, but no biggie right?).