Edgar Allan Poe

A short and convenient biography by Kaden Murray

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author and claimed to be ruthless literature reviewer that did not achieve worldwide fame until after his death. He had a very disturbing past. Most of his loved ones died of disease, and his life was plagued with disease and death.

Both parent's died when Poe was at a very young age, and he was adopted by a successful businessman, who was in the business of tobacco sales. He spent most of his childhood writing.

Poe's writing

Edgar Allan Poe's first published writing did not become published until 1827, despite him writing throughout his entire writing.

His first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems. He was credited with just a handful of free copies of the book as pay. He later wrote more stories, often with dark and twisted plots and storylines, and the famous poem "The Raven" is arguably is most popular piece.

However Poe wrote many other stories that did not and still have not achieved the fame they arguably deserve, most of which containing brutal, dark, and mysterious storylines, a reflection of his own tragic life. I believe he used writing as an outlet to run from his past and turn his nightmares into fiction, no longer real in his mind.

His Influence on the modern world

Poe has been accredited with the title of "The Father of the Modern Mystery". His mystery layout is still one of the most common genres of book today.

"We shall look upon what we think our present existance, as a dream." - edgar allan poe

Poe's Death

What killed Poe is still a mystery, however some details leading up to his death are known. He was found half-conscious in Baltimore. He was taken to a hospital but died soon after. Many people believe Poe suffered from rabies, and other believed he died of other causes such as suicide, being murdered, syphilis, or cholera.

"Here, here! It is the beating of his hideous heart!" - edgar allan poe