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How do immigrants effect our country ?

Who am I ?

My name is Cristal Baeza , I go to Sclaghle High School. I am a sophomore , I was born and raised here in Kansas City , Kansas. I am 16 years old my favorite color is red. My favorite subject is biology. And I am interested in immigration and the risks

Essential Question : Why do they cross the border? And what are the risks ?

To start off , some of the reasons why immigrants cross the border is coming to find a better life in the U.S and also looking for a job. Or maybe they have a family to take care of or they just have family right here. Basically immigrants when they cross the border there's alot of risks , there can be Alot of danger alot of sacrification alot of dryness. You cross through mountains, rivers , fences and also trying to be calm because my grandma experience , she had said it was horrible. The first time she tried coming back , she was coming with het friend it was a bad experience. She had got caught , because of her friend she got nervous. But she eventually went to jail , she got out. And then , she called us and help her out. So , she just went back to Mexico.

Why I chose this topic ? And what am I going to learn from it ?

The reason why i chose this topic , is because my family is immigrant they are going though a crisis about being deported , which is there fear. What I want to learn about this is how would it be like to cross the border and what would be the sacrifices.

Here are info about immigarion

Being as an immigarnt it can be hard <, but it also good because they can be a good help to the united states