Mahatma Gandhi

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The Salt March - 1930

Gandhi and others went 200 miles on foot to make their own salt in Dandi in March of 1930. Gandhi was 61 years old during that protest. This act was called the Salt March, some called it the Dandi March. The Salt March was a non-violent protest against high taxes for salt. At that time there was an act made by Britain stating that Indians weren't allowed to harvest or sell salt. This act caused them to have to buy the salt from the British because they were ruled by the British. The Salt March became a very significant factor of the Indian Independence Movement. It commenced the Civil Disobedience Movement Nation wide.

The Indian Independence Movement- 1857-1947

Mohandas Gandhi was one of the very recognized people from the Indian independence movement. Gandhi only believed in non-violence and he said he didn't understand why people resort to violence. The Indian independence movement was a movement that participated in many political and social efforts. The goal of the movement was for Indians to be Independent and free from British rule. On August 15, 1947 India gained its independence from the British Raj.

Mohandas Gandhi's Life

Some of Mohandas Gandhi's Milestones

  • October 2, 1869 Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar in West Bengal, India
  • June 1891 Mohandas Gandhi passed his bar test and became a lawyer
  • 1893 Mohandas Gandhi was thrown off of a train because he wouldn't give up his first class seat to move to a third class seat, even though he had a first class ticket
  • 1897 He gets beat up by a large crowd of white settlers; they should have been arrested but Gandhi doesn't press charges
  • 1930 Gandhi and others walk 200 miles for 24 days to make their own salt in Dandi
  • 1942 He commences a Quit India campaign to gain India's independence - he goes to jail
  • 1943 He starts a hunger boycott that lasts for 21 days
  • 1947 India becomes an independent nation
  • January 30, 1948 Gandhi was shot on his way to his evening prayers

Some Facts About Gandhi

  • Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Prize 5 times
  • Gandhi wrote to many important people; Einstein and Hitler were among them
  • Most of Gandhi's belongings are preserved in a Gandhi Museum, including the clothes he was wearing when he got shot
  • There are 103 total roads that are named after him