Jewel of the Orion Arm

For the Future

Welcome. If you are receiving this message, we the people of Earth extend our arms in greeting, fellow children of the universe, and kindly offer the sights and knowledge of our realm to your alien eyes, or whatever you use to interpret the concept of "sight". Now, if you are reading this, humanity has likely passed, destroyed either by the wrath of the earth or by their own follies. Sad, I know.

Earth is truly a jewel of the Orion Arm, a strategically placed piece of real estate, renowned for the existence of "life", a complex group of chemicals that came together to eventually form beings capable of reproduction and evolution, culminating in the development of consciousness, yet still continuing to build. Earth is to be found at just the right size at just the right distance from its primary so that it could develop life, and this is what sets Earth apart from its fellow planets orbiting its primary.

So step inside this brochure and see the wonders of Earth, and take our hand in unity to walk in forgotten paths, through a living marvel of the universe, a breeding ground for infinite complexity. Stand beneath our alien sky and see the pure complexity that the universe brings through a journey on the planet Earth.

Find Beauty in Nature's Harshness ...

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Wonders in a Beautiful World