Faith Daniel Introduction

BA - early Childhood Development

AA- Early childhood Education

I graduated from Ashford with my Associates Degree on March of 2013.

i enjoyed the online classes and the instructors which made the choice to return for my Bachelors an easy choice.


I am a mother of two amazing boys ages 32 and 26. I could not be prouder of them although they took very different paths. My oldest graduated with his Bachelors from Full Sail in Florida to work in the gaming world. it has not panned out yest but he is writing code for Dell which is a great job. My youngest builds playgrounds for Chucky Cheese, McDonalds and some various other companies. He has also blessed me with three beautiful granddaughters which are the lights in my life.

My Babies

My future

Child Advocate for the State of Texas

My goal is to be able to speak for children who are to young or scared to speak up. I think there are alot of children who need to have someone who is nutural to lisren and help thme achieve a healty outcome.