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September, 2015

This year, we have made some big changes in the way TEE students interact with and receive library services. Current research shows that schools with full-time, certified librarians have higher student achievement and test scores. In order to better serve our students, our board and administration have expanded my position to four full days a week. I am also happy to announce that I completed all the classes needed to be a certified school librarian this past spring and my ND teaching license now reflects that additional credential.

With the additional time I am in the building, I will be working closely with classroom teachers to collaborate on lessons and teach information and technology skills. Instead of the isolated lessons students were taught in the past, they will now be taught the research, information, and technology skills they need as they are needed providing much more meaningful and relevant learning.

Checkouts will also be changing this year. In addition to their weekly visit as a class, students will have the opportunity to visit the library to browse and checkout books as they need and desire.

A second big change in the library this year is the incredible upgrade of our network and brand new student computers. The new computers have touch screens which will provide our students with an alternative to using the mouse or keyboard. For our younger students, in particular, this will make interaction and use of technology easier. The addition of appropriate network support has had a tremendous positive impact on the speed and reliability of our access to programs and information.
Lastly, we have changed our library circulation program to a new system, Follett's Destiny. The new program has many more features available to students including the opportunity to review books and recommend them to other students. Best of all, students and teachers will be able to access these features and our collection anywhere they have internet access. For a personalized visit, students will need to log in, but anyone can visit as a guest. Check out our new page at https://titanlibrary.follettdestiny.com . Access is also available via the Follett Destiny app! So far, students in grades 3-6 have been given an orientation on the program and should be able to login from home. If you need help with user names or passwords, feel free to email me.

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