Stress Management

Orinda Richardson

Types of Situations That Cause Stress:

Stress affects different people at different times in life. Many people become stressed over various situations. Common stressors include:

1) School

2) Work

3) Relationships

4) Physical, mental, or emotional abuse

5) Death of a loved one

6) Financial issues

Ways the Body Reacts to Stress:

Everyone reacts to stress differently. Some like to deny their symptoms or hide them because of embarrassment, but stress is very normal. Common signs of stress are:

1) Headaches

2) Fatigue

3) Lack of sleep

4) Irritability

5) Depression

6) Social withdraw

Consequences of Being Stressed:

When you are stressed, you're emergency stress response is always on. Being stressed leaves you with a lot of baggage. It also has many negative effects on your social life, your personal life, and even your health. Long periods of stress can cause serious health problems such as depression, sleep problems, anxiety, weight problems, heart disease, etc.

Ways to Prevent Stress:

There are several ways you can prevent stress:

1) Make time for yourself- relax!

2) Exercise

3) Eat a healthy diet

4) Avoid any alcohol or other drugs

5) Get enough sleep

6) Avoid people or places that cause stress