Days Full of Dreams

Lillian Fisher


Throughout the day Walter Mitty is shown as being an imaginative, depressed, and soft-spoken person.

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First of all, Walter has quite the imagination. He often daydreams the whole day and in those dreams there is a lot of detail. With the impossible ideas within those dreams it shows how creative Walter actually is.
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Next, in the story Walter is rather depressed in real life. When the parking lot attendant yells at him and orders him to give his keys, Walter is unable to react quickly and just does as he says. Also Walter tends to roam around aimlessly and he gets lost often.
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Finally, Walter is pretty soft-spoken when with other people. If someone picks on him or yells at him he doesn't stand up for himself or object. He also allows people to walk all over him, not doing anything to keep them from doing so .
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All in all, the words imaginative, depressed, and soft-spoken are what describe Walter Mitty.