Space tourism!

The future of space

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The first type of space tourism a plane like vehicle and its already being used today!!

They have invested 200 million dollars on this project.
this project is way cheaper because the russians have space tourism witch is 65 million a flight where we are only 200 thousand.
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This man ordered a trip to mars and back in 2001 his trip will happen in 2018,He is very weathly and his trip will last 501 days!!

Future of Space Travel - Launching Space Tourism

This video will explain a little bit more about the current space tourism!

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This is a future vehicle that will be used on the mars mission.

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Fun Facts

fun facts!

a man bought a trip to mars and back in 2001 for a trip in 2018.

people are already getting tours into space since 2011.

there using a plane like vehicle to get to space but only the wealthy can afford it

its possible that they will lower the price from millions of dollars to hundreds and thousands, because of business rate!

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This man has to train because of the conditions in outer space he must train for his long if your planing to go to space u have to go through lots of preperations
I hope you learned about space tourism and maybe you will go into space one day!!

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