All About Me

Estella Alvarez


Sports: Basketball is my favorite sport , I love watching the spurs play against different teams they are my favorite basketball team


Sports: I enjoy being part of a Basketball & Volleyball because I have a great time in practice and during games

School subject strenghts

I enjoy math , reading , and science


helping others: very important

spending time with family & friends

Doing my best and trying to get good grades in school

How many ways are you smart

The top 3 ways I am smart:

I am smart when I am in groups of people/friends.

when I am drawing and when I am in front of an audience

Learning style

My general learning style in reading is by learning by reading

My general learning style in math is learning math by seeing problems

Holland code

S.A. Social Artistic

The three career clusters picked for you

Arts , Alv ,.... ; education + training , & Human services

The job you researched , including education needed and salary

Children care assistants: $16,570 per year , May need license , & May get associate degree