Bullying Has A Effect On People

By: Kelsey K Period 6

The little boy was in pain because the other boy was hurting him. There is a way to stop this. You just have to find the bullies weakness. If you do something that makes them feel bad maybe that will stop them. Its all about fighting back. If they bully you, you go right back at them.

If you get bullied don't keep it from other people. You need to tell someone even if it is your teacher or parents. Also don't wait to tell them, if it happens two times you tell someone. If it is someone you go to school with tell your principle. If you stand up you can fix the problem. Bullying could happen anywhere. If you see it happen tell someone. Never think it is wrong to tell its not. Even if it is your friend who is the bully you still need to tell.

Bullies are rude and need to be stopped. So if you do see it you report it. Only because, it is the right thing to do.


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