Technology Rules for Parents

by Gurshawn Sekhon

Technology rules for parents

Parents, oh parents. They think they know everything about the internet. They maybe don't know all the rules but if you do there might be some new ones for you.

Don't text and drive

Texting and driving is as common as phoning and driving now. You can still wait for a text that isn't even that important like LOL or where are you? It is illegal to text and drive. So if you do it please do it.
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No Pirating

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Whether it's music, movies, or TV shows it's considered pirating. If you don't know what it means pirating is basically the illegal downloading of TV shows, music, or movies.

Don't do scams online

People who used to scam used to be everywhere now they transferred to the online world. Scams are everywhere, don't underestimate them they can wreck lives.
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Be aware of online predators

Predators from the movie Predator are fake, online predators are real. Keep yourself and your kids safe.
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No hacking

Hacking is illegal. I think the rate of hackers went down these past years but they still are out there. Hackers can wreck your computer I recommend that you install computer safety programs.
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Have a limit for time online

Some parents are just spending too much time online. They should have a limit for what they do or their kids will stop liking their parents.
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If you are online all the time your children will be too.

Parents should keep their own privacy

If you put to much of your info online it can come back and haunt you.

Keep your kids safe

Parents should keep their kids safe online. Here are a few tips.
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Use the internet wisely

Never use the internet for bad stuff and saying wrong things about people, buying illegal stuff like drugs, guns and things like that.

Parents shouldn't let kids be unattended when using social networking sites

Kids might not know what is good or bad on the internet. Parents can assist them by telling them what is good or bad.
I have given my top 10 technology rules for parents. If any parent is reading please keep it in mind that a 12 year old is saying this stuff. So the next you go online use these rules.
Rules of the Road for Parents in a Digital Age