Snow leopard

Help save the Snow leopard PLEASE.

Where you could possibly find The snow leopard

The snow leopard can be found in Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. China contains most of the Snow leopard population which is at 60%.

The climate in the snow leopard's habitat is...

The climate in the snow leopard's habitat is usually dry and cold and only grasses and small shrubs can grow on the steep mountain slopes.

The snow leopard population is getting weaker and weaker

We need to help save the snow leopard

How many of the species remains

There is about 5,000-7,200 estimated left in the world. There is not many left in the world we need to help save this animals.
Everest Snow Leopard Cub Playing in the Snow

Why are they endangered

They are endangered because their bones and organs are valuable. The other main reason is humans are clearing down their habitat.

What is anyone doing to help this animal.

Some people are trying to get people stop hunting snow leopards by saying they are endangered. People are investing how so many snow leopards are getting killed for just their organs.