Balance of Power - Brazil

By: Adaku Ngwu

What is the size of the country's area?

It is the world’s 5th largest country both by geographical area and by population. It is 3.288 million sq miles (8.516 million km²)

What's the population of the country?

The current population of the Federative Republic of Brazil is estimated to be about 199.321 million people

How well educated and united is it's population?

Education in Brazil is regulated by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Education, which defines the guiding principles for the organization of education programs. the literacy rate is 90.4% which is good and gas increased over the years for such a huge country.

How large and well-equipped are it's armed forces?

Brazil is ranked as #8 on the best militarys in the world and has the best military in South America.

What are the country's physical features?

The physical features of Brazil include; The Amazon River, the Amazon rain forest, The Atlantic Ocean, The dry plains of North Eastern Brazil, The low plateaus of central Brazil and the Sao Francisco river. The latter feature is the longest river in Brazil.

How productive is the countrys economy?

Today, Brazils economy is on the rise. Blessed with abundant natural resources, Brazil has become the most powerful country in South America in economic terms and thus is leading the other countries of South America. With large and growing agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service sectors it's very productive.