Oregon Trail Journal

By: Katelyn Miller (Paige Miller)

Dear Journal Day, 1

Today, April 25 1854, my family set off to go to Oregon, we went off with other families and made a wagon train. I came from Toledo, Ohio where a flood came and hit my hometown taking my husband with it. Anyways... Me and my four children were looking for something better and to try to forget what happened in Toledo. We were not able to bring much stuff with us on the wagon only the needed things. So we, my 15 year old Britney, and my 13 year old Jacob, also my 9 year old Tyrone, and my 1 year old Michael Elliot, packed up our stuff that we needed and left today with the $200 from our bank and 966 BWUs.

This afternoon we came upon the Missouri River which didn't stop us from us keep going. There was a Ferry there that said that we could either pay $25 to get across or try to cross with our wagon. Our wagon train thought for quite a while but we made up our mind that we were just going to go over it with our wagon, and thankfully we made it across. It was hard to keep going with the worries about how we would end up like and how Michael E would not stop crying Ugh such a headache...

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Jones, David. Wagon. Digital image. Flikr. David Jones, 13 Aug. 2011. Web. 8 Mar. 2015. <https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=oregon+trail+wagon&l=cc&ct=0&mt=all&adv=1>.

Day, 2

Today, May 25, 1854, me and my train lost speed on our wagon and we had to face some challenges which wasn't brought our train down but we hope that we will be able to rise up.

I didn't do much today and was mostly sleeping (ABSENT) so I am not able to tell you what all happened but we did face a challenge.

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Konstanitin, Phil. Oregon Trail Ruts. Digital image. Flikr. Phil Konstanitin, 31 May 1013. Web. 9 Mar. 2015. <https://www.flickr.com/photos/36205567@N07/8901035821/in/photolist-6JLg5F-xUAsk-2ioDZY-7EqmXX-8hPU5r-6ozZHr-5S9Hxo-75VTu-75VSv-eyy8QR-8jg2zW-gEs2YV-7qyykZ-2ioDYo-2ioDU5-66Puhb-66KbMM-66KbPe-66KbLV-GKgZm-86V6Nt-fTRtN-yBuc8-cfbKcs-36K6kA-36K67d-36K5U1-36Ersz-36K5uo-36K4XJ-6oE9S5-6oEaBb-2ioWfd-6oA1bF-4H9J9B-aCexah-8xHLKB-6ozZve-6oE9Eq-6oE9p3-6ozYxX-4PeKdD-4HdVHQ-4H9JFx-4H9Jx2-4HdV5L-W3GcD-W3vTM-W3SDk-8t3Yt7>.

Day, 3

Today, August 26, 1854, Today our wagon train found out that we unfortunately were running out of food, so we had to go hunting. I used my rifle and my one ammo out of my ammo box. Fortunately I was able to get 15 BW of turkey which was able to feed my 4 children. And also while hunting my wagon train and I found some buffalo chips (buffalo poop) and we used it as a fire starter which caught flame fast and would help us through the night. Also it grossly helped us with hunger so we could eat it if we were ever starving.

Unfortunately we caught Cholera from someone pooping in our water source which we all drank. (Cholera, by the way, is a disease that you get from infected water which makes you get diarrhea and it makes you puke which leads to dehydration.) Sadly my 1 year old Michael Elliot got it and he got it real bad, and the only way to stop this from spreading somewhere else was, well by shooting him. It was a very hard decision to make but he would even be able to survive this disease without some medical help which we couldn't get in the midd of nowhere. At least he is in a better place now.

Day 4,

Today, October 27, 1854, it has been one sad day without him, i can't even say his name without shedding a tear, but i will be strong. While on the wagon we found something bad, really bad, snow... The snow was building up which could only mean one thing, that we were going to have to go through an big wall of snow and there may be a chance that we could get stuck or even freeze to death. Good thing that M.E. isn't here to see this. So our wagon train decided that we were just going to go straight through the snow like its not even there, instead of sending someone to go see if it is closed which that could take days.

So we set off through the snow and hours and hours came by but slowly, and we were just hoping and praying that we wouldn't get stuck. And fortunately we didn't, we made through and we made it to Oregon and we were able to get to it second out of everybody else that was coming. The best thing is that we made it throughout Missouri river, we made it through Cholera, except M.E., and we made it through the snow and we made it safely.

Day 5,

Today, September 16, 1862, I am here to say that all of my wishes came true, I moved into a lovely house with my family and i re-married to a man named David Jevorè and I had an another daughter named Aisling. And we are one big happy family.
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Pederson, Randen. Digital image. Flikr. Randen Pederson, 8 Nov. 2006. Web. 11 Mar. 2015. <https://www.flickr.com/photos/chefranden/292562023>.