The War Of 1812

drake gibbins

leading up to war

France and great britain were at war and great britian did not want america to trade with france. also american sailors were forced to work on british ships.

war with great britian

In 1809 James Madison became president.However a group of congressmen called the war hawks argued in favor of war against great Britain they also believed the u.s could force the British out of Canada. in June 1812 president gave into the war hawks and declared war against Great Britian.

The war at sea

Early in the war u.s tried several times to invade Canada but did not succeed.

Battles on land

In august 1814 the British attacked Washington D.C president Madison and other leaders were forced to flee the city.On September 13 a fleet sailed to fort McHenry which stood on an island in the harbor and was defended by american troops. The British bombarded fort McHenry during the night the Americans did not surrender . The British finally gave up.

fighting for new orleans

By the end of 1814 the u.s and great Britain had been fighting for more than two years. Neither side was winning. They agreed to end the war. They signed a peace treaty in the city of Ghent,Belgium, in December.

Return of peace

The treaty of ghent which ended the war . when the war between Britian and France ended in 1815 so did American problems with British naval policies. The battle of new orleans had been a victory. The united states had stood up to great Britain.