Developing Country

Population Density (2009)

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Population Distribution

Only 1/3 of the total population of Yemen lives in the urban areas, so most of the population lives in the rural areas.

Population Changes

The population of Yemen has been increasing overtime and the population is likely to decrease because of a civil war and food shortage.

Food Supply

As of 2015, Yemen is currently on a food shortage, due to blockades set up by militias of both sides to prevent any humanitarian aid supplies from being delivered. This jeopardizes 1/3 of the population that needs urgent care.

Health Care

Since a civil war broke out, the medical supplies in Yemen is desperately low, making it likely for people to get viruses and diseases. Not many can access medical services because hospitals have been attacked by militias, which decreases the number of beds available. This can make the population drop dramatically.

Environmental Concerns

Concerns include the shortage of the water supply, a severe drought causing desertification, and sandstorms, which causes the crops to die, and overgrazing the land. These factors can cause poor sanitation, dehydration, the continuing decrease in food supply, and a negative change in biodiversity.

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