Heat By Mike Lupica

Ryan Teichman 6 & 7/Block 3

Characters in Heat

  • Michael Arroyo
  • Michael is a great pitcher and is a very mature 12 year-old. He is very mad that the coaches think that he is older because he is that good at pitcher. The tall kid is is very strong and since he is a good thrower, he stopped a robbery with a amazingly great throw. He is the protagonist.
  • Manny Cabrera
  • Manny (the catcher on Michael's team) is the fun and jokes person on the team. As Michael's best friend, he always helps Michael with his problems. He is not as tall as Michael but he doesn't whine about it. He is a supporting character.
  • Ellie Grande
  • As El Grande's (the famous Yankee pitcher) kid it's hard for her to get friends that just like her. Michael and Manny were playing catch at Macombs Dam Park, and Ellie was watching so they met. Ellie is very smart, kind and has a good arm. She is a supporting character.


The theme in the book is no matter what the chances are you have to believe. I came to see this because Michael kept on doubting that they will find his birth certificate. You have to ask yourself "so you're saying there's a chance?" from Dumb and Dumber.


The setting is in Bronx, New York. The team plays at Macombs Dam Park across the street from Yankee stadium at present time. The setting affects Michael because his dreams are to be in Yankee, but without his birth certificate he won't even get there.


  • Papi (Michael's dad)
  • Papi died doing something good or a good deed. This means he did something good no matter what the consequences. In the book, Michael wasn't on the field because he didn't have his birth certificate, but he still coached at 3rd base to help the team as much as he could.


I recommend this book to sports people. In the book is a detailed, exciting passage. I think that if you like baseball you will like it. This adventurous book gives the character great personalities and characteristics. Mike Lupica describes perfectly a summer Little League season. I believe that big dreamers and baseball lovers will like it.