Industrial Technology

3D Printing: What is it and how does it work?

3D printing is changing the way we produce objects, from tools and toys, to food, and even body parts. It's a tech revolution taking place in homes across the world.

3D Printing: The First 3D Printed House

Note: This is an advertisement for the printing hardware... but it is amazing to see an actual house being printed.

Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering is about the design, manufacturing, and operation of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other automobiles. Within automotive engineering there are a variety of sub disciplines including safety, performance, vehicle dynamics, + more

Cabinet: How to Build a Vanity (Part 1)

How to build a bath vanity using simple building techniques that anyone with basic tools can accomplish. I use the Kreg system to join the face frames. The basic box construction is used for the cabinet.

Cabinet: How to Build Drawers for Vanity (Part 2)

Step by step method using very simple techniques makes measuring and building the drawers.

The Correct Way to Pronounce "Porsche"

Learn how to correctly pronounce this often-times mispronounced car's name.