Who We Are

Grade Pre-K IB Year Long Unit

Central Idea

People need to know and understand themselves in order to build relationships with others.

Lines of Inquiry

Inquiry Process

Through the inquiry process, students move from current understanding to new and deeper understandings. This process includes:

* Exploring, Wondering, and Questioning

* Experimenting and Playing

* Making connections with previous learning

* Seeking information

*Solving problems in a variety of ways

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Key Concepts

Function: Children develop an understanding of themselves in a role in a classroom.

Perspective: People have likes and dislikes.

Responsibility: Students will show responsibility in completing their tasks and daily routines in order to promote a conducive Pre-K and school learning atmosphere

Family Discussion Questions and Topics

~What are some things you know how to do?

~Describe what you could do as a baby vs. what you can do now.

~Describe what you like and dislike. (foods, toys, animals, places, activities)

~What are some feelings you can describe? (happy, sad, proud, scared, surprised, excited)

~Why do we need rules and routines in our lives?

~In what ways are you a part of our classroom, your school?

~How does your opinion shape how you interact with others?

~How do you like to be treated? How do you treat others around you?

~What makes a true friend? In what ways are you a true friend?

~Why are relationships important?

~Who are people you have relationships with? What are those relationships like?

Sesame Street: Will.i.am Sings "What I Am"
STAND TALL MOLLY LOU MELON Book Read Aloud | Teach Kids about Bullying | Children's Books Read Aloud

Discussion questions and thoughts for Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon

~ How does Molly Lou Melon feel throughout this story?

~How would you feel if you were Molly Lou Melon?

~Why does Molly Lou Melon's Grandma tell her to "Stand tall?" What does "Stand Tall" mean?

~Why do the other story characters treat Molly Lou Melon the way they do?

~What would you tell Moll Lou Melon?

"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" read by author Carol McCloud

Discussion Questions and Thoughts for Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

~Describe what it means to "Fill a Bucket".

~What are some ways you can fill your friends buckets?

~What are some ways your friends can fill your bucket?

~How does kindness make you feel? How does bullying make you feel?

The Pigeon Has to Go to School | Back to School Read Aloud for Kids

Discussion Questions and Thoughts for The Pigeon Has to Go to School!

~Describe how the Pigeon feels throughout the story?

~How do you feel about going to school this year?

~If you could talk to the Pigeon, what would you tell him?

~How can you make a friend in your classroom feel comfortable about going to school?

Social Studies Activities

Help your child create a collage of his favorite things by cutting and gluing pictures out of old magazines or newspapers and drawing pictures.
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Ask your child to draw a picture of themselves. Ask them what is special about them. Encourage them to think of something they are good at or like to do. Maybe they are a good friend, or help around the house. Maybe they learned something new, or helped someone at school.

Write their sentence(s) for them.

Draw a picture of your family. Ask an adult to help you label your picture with the names of people in your family. Write your own name next to the picture you drew of yourself.
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Science Activities

Explore the sun and shadows!

Use a piece of paper and set up toys and/or objects in a sunny area. Trace the shadow onto the paper! Try this with your body, too!

Weather Log

Observe and record daily weather. Talk about the results.

After a week, count how many days were sunny. DId it rain any days? Were there any days with more than one weather condition?

Make a chart like this or a similar one for your child.

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