Mrs. Dudley's Spanish Class

Franklin County High School

Bienvenido (Welcome) to Mrs. Dudley's Spanish Class!!!

Meet your teacher

I am a native of Franklin County. I graduated from Hollins University with a Bachelor of Science in Spanish and a Master of Teaching with a specialization in Special Education from Liberty University. I have taught at Franklin County High School for many years and in Roanoke City Public Schools.

I am excited about the new school year and look forward to working with you to make this one of the educationally rewarding years of your child's life. I plan to enrich your child's mind with the knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture, art, music, history, and of course language. To help me accomplish my mission I plan to use a variety of methods, resources, and cultural events.

My wish is to provide your child the necessary instruction for success in our class and our ever more global society. I understand I have been entrusted with your most precious and valuable gift, because our children are the future of tomorrow! It is for this reason I would like to ask you to please explain to your child that I am here to teach them, but I will need their utmost attention and discipline in order for their success to be possible. I expect them to come to their Spanish class prepared and ready to receive their Spanish education. In other words...they need to bring their M & M's (materials & minds) to class EVERYDAY!!!


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If you love to travel, then come travel with us. We have been to Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy and have many exciting trips coming up. Check out the following sites soon as space is limited!!!

Enjoy this short video of a past trip to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica - June 2017

Spain, France, Italy - June 2018

What's in your toolbox?

Language learning is a highly cumulative process. It is like making a tower out of blocks; you keep building on top of what you did the day before. If you don’t keep at the job steadily, pretty soon you’re trying to put new blocks on top of empty space.

1. Study EVERYDAY! Study a little bit everyday for 15-30 minutes. Study current and past vocabulary, study notes, go over activities that were done in class.

2. Learn grammar if you don’t know it. Grammar is the basic structure of the language. It will help to know the concept in English grammar so you can compare it to the language you are learning.

3. Get help if you need it. Use tutoring services. Don’t wait! Make sure you come to tutoring with questions that you are having trouble with.

4. Flash cards, flash cards, flash cards! Make flashcards for ALL vocabulary. Study several times a day during down time until they become automatic. Isolate new grammar forms and study them separately. Write the pattern on a flash card and memorize it. Flash cards may be done in multiple ways both by hand and electronically.

5. Four steps to learning a new word. (1) pronounce and spell it; (2) study its meaning; (3) use it in a sentence of your own; (4) write it and the meaning three times.

6. Have a GOOD ATTITUDE!!! A good attitude means paving the road for success. Set personal goals for what you want to learn. Leave perfectionism at the door; give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them. Be an active participate in your language education and stay positive.


With confidence, you have won before you have started.

–Marcus Garvey


Must have:


Colored Pencils

Writing Utensils


Index Cards

Spanish/English Dictionary


Jump Drive (8GB)

Glue Stick

Donated Classroom Supplies (optional):

Lysol wipes

Paper towels

Glue sticks



Computer Paper