C.A.M.P at Home

Lone Star Longhorns Learning At Home

April Edition

Keep the pictures coming!! We LOVE seeing our Longhorns learning at home!

Computer/ Library with Mrs. Sample

Hello Lone Star Friends! Don't forget to visit the Resource Section of Mrs. Sample's webpage for links to many great websites.

April is National Poetry Month!

Art with Mrs. Ritchie

Send your pictures to stacy.ritchie@misd.org

Click here for Mrs. Ritchie's Website and the Doodle Challenge Calendar.

Hello, My Amazing Artists!

Please click on the picture below to take you to our Bitmoji Art Room! You will find some great projects for Spring! I hope you have fun exploring our virtual art room!

Music with Mrs. Gauthier

Email Mrs. Gauthier at andrea.gauthier@misd.org

Click here for Mrs. Gauthier's Website

Hello, LSE Leaders! Click on Mrs. Gauthier's Virtual Music Classroom below to learn about the famous classical/romantic composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

P.E. with Mrs. Wisnieske and Mrs. Villarreal

Click Here for Mrs. Wisnieske's Website

Email Mrs. Wisnieske at sherrie.wisnieske@misd.org

I hope you are enjoying some of the workout videos! I hope you continue to workout at home to the videos and other activities such as walking, playing outside, bike riding, swimming, etc.

I'm sharing some workouts we are doing in class this month as a warm-up in order to get our heart rate up and condition and strengthen our bodies. Also, we are doing a weekly discussion on Healthy Habits. Keep Moving and Stay Healthy!


Episode 2 - Learn the 3-3-3 Stack - 3 minute

Episode 3 - Learn the 3-6-3 Stack - 5 minutes

Episode 4 - Learn The Cycle Stack part 1 - 5 minutes

Episode 5 - Learn the Cycle Stack part 2 - 3 minutes


Cardio Cup Stacking Challenge! - 9 minutes

Speed Stacks - Push-Up Stacking - 2 minutes

Speed Stacks - 4-Wheel Drive Stacking

PE at Home: Stacks and Jacks - 3 Stack Challenge - 3 minutes