Alan Turing

The Life Of a Mathmatical Genius

Early Life

Alan Mathison Turing was born on the 23rd of June 1912 in a nursing home in Paddington, London. He appears now as the founder of computer science and the originator of the dominant technology of the late twentieth century. When he was young him and his brother John were fostered in various English homes.


Alan Studied at Princeton University and was a undergraduate at kings collage, Cambridge University.

Life During The War

During world war two he worked for the Government code and cypher school at Bletchley park. For a while he worked in hut 8 the section responsible for German naval cryptanalysis.

He was the inventor of many ways to decode the Germans codes one of which was the bombe. The bombe was an electro-mechanical machine that was used to help break the German enigma codes. It was invented by Alan Turning and Gordon Welchman.

Later Life

Although Alan Turing was a huge help to Britain during the war he was soon disliked by many. Alan was gay and in that period of time it was illegal to be gay so Alan had the choice of either being sent to prison or get a injection that would mix up his hormones and make him not think about men in that way. In the end Alan committed suicide he did this by biting in to a apple laced with cyanide. He died on the 7th of June 1954.

The Changes That he made

Alan Turing made a huge impact not only just to the war but also modern day life. His invention was the start of all modern technology. He made such a big change and cut the war down about four years. He is such an inspiration that there is even a film about him, his life and his work.
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