Mr. Lopez's 6th Grade Class

Super Overachievers

About me (Teacher)

I am a graduate of University of Houston Central campus. I decided to become an educator due the fact that I love working with little young children. I felt the need to show my student how much I appreciate them by doing a news letter just for them. This is a news letter that shows my students progress in my class.
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Math Exam Coming Up!!

Every Third Friday we have a Math exam to see how well our students are doing. It is very important that our students take this exam. This exam lets us teachers know what we should do to help our students. Parents please help our students make the best grade they can possibly make. Study, study,and study!
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Field Trip on the way ...

It is time we head out to Museum of Natural Art. We as a school love to take our students on field trips so that they are able to learn outside of the school setting. Parents please sign the student form that is in their take home folder.

Highlights of the week (Who do my parents work for?)

Parents are coming in and sharing what they do for a living. It is very important that we have enough parents to come out so that our students have a wide perspective on what they want to become when they become adults.

Mr. Lopez's Availability

I am available to parents and students before and after school. If any parents need to make appointment please let me know 72 hours ahead of time. You are more than welcome to contact me at if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.