17th Math Field Day

Sweetwater Union High School District

What is Math Field Day (MFD)?

Math Field Day is an annual district middle and junior high school math competition. More than a competition is a math celebration of games and fun to encourage interest in mathematics and STEM fields.
Math Field Day 2016 vs1

AND THE WINNER IS ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... MATH!!!

Participating Schools

Bonita Vista Middle School

Principal: Eduardo Reyes

Advisor/Coach: Aaron Mendez

Castle Park Middle School

Principal: Gina Galvez-Mallari

Advisor/Coach: Cathy Morgan

Chula Vista Middle School

Principal: Julissa Gracias

Advisor/Coach: Joseph Allard

Eastlake Middle School

Principal: Juan Ulloa

Advisor/Coach: Kurt Ulle

Granger Junior High School

Principal: Richard Carreon

Advisor/Coach: Sarah Mancero

Hilltop Middle School

Principal: Griselda Delgado

Advisor/Coach: Raul Flores

Mar Vista Academy

Principal: Thomas Winters

Advisor/Coach: Angelica Valverde and Robert Holguin

Montgomery Middle School

Principal: Louie Zumstein

Advisor/Coach: Erin Parker

National City Middle School

Principal: Arturo Montano

Advisor/Coach: Jay Jones

Rancho Del Rey Middle School

Principal: Anna Pedroza

Advisor/Coach: Kenny Lam and Laura Chavez

Southwest Middle School

Principal: William Walsh

Advisor/Coach: Jorge Cervantes


Math Field Day Organizers:

Dennis Williams, Robert Davis, Mimi Williams, and Cecilia Cota

Event pictures: Ms. Saiki (Olympian HS Math Teacher)

Continuous district support:

Luz Elena Perez and Roman Del Rosario

2016 MFD Facilities (Granger Junior High School)

Principal: Richard Carreon

Assistant principal: Lora Bumatay

ASB Adviser: Anthony Garcia

SUHSD Board Members

Nicholas Segura -President-, Paula Hall, Kevin J. Pike, Arturo Solis, Frank A. Tarantino Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney