Bangladesh War

Independance in 1971

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Bangladesh war Started on March 1971.The Bangladesh war end took about 9 mouths by West Pakistan , surrendered ending the civil war .Bangladesh won its independence From Pakistan in a bloody scary war .

15 quick facts

Aistani troops organize a defense last month of 1971

Ten million East Pakistanis cross border to India during the first early mouth

More than 1 million suspect where murdered by Bangladesh Army

In 1971 war started when thousands of people where killed that night of March 25

Over 200,000 woman were raped

About 10 million escape the military

Indians and Bengali guerrillas fought in support of East Pakistan

Pakistani army had more than 90,000 became Indian prisoners

Pakistan army only fought to earn independence

On January 11, 1972, Bangladesh became an independent parliamentary democracy.

The Pakistani Army fought to stop the secession, but India sent troops

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was at the forefront of the struggle for independence from Pakistan.

In 1976 The military ban trade unions

Indian military support during the independence war of 1971

Crime soldiers attacked Dhaka University

War effected people lives

Familes had to walked through water up to her neck, trying to find a place to stay because there homes were destroyed or to collect food. They also needed a dry place to sleep, clean water to drink, food for our children sometimes they didn't had food to eat because of the Bangladesh war .
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People who are affected by war has die from injuries afflicted from weapons. Wars create problems between countries not solve them.War can hurt emotionally, changing someone's feelings and looks on certain ways .Bangladesh had effected many lives and familes but they wanted freedom.