The Misfits

James Howe

Scene Summary

One important scene in the book is when Addie asks DuShawn at lunch if he wants to be a part of their election party. The reason this is an important scene is because it helps them with their party decisions. DuShawn asks why him, and Addie tells him because this party is based of no name calling. She tells him that they chose him because him being african-american that he probably has had the most name calling. He tells her that he has never been picked on, but he still agrees.

Book Summary

The book The Misfits is about four kids Joe, Addie, Bobby, and Skeezie. These four have been called names for as long as they can remember. They finally decide that enough is enough. Since Addie is already going against the fact that she can't put her own political party on the school's election ballot they decide to come up with a no name party. This is going to help them in two ways first it helps Addie with her fight that she should be able to have her own party. Secondly it helps them fight bullies and name calling. When they realize how much this is a good idea they follow through with the plan.

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