Teen Advisory Board

February 2017 Newsletter

The Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) of the Montclair Public Library is a group of teens who participate in and influence the functioning of the library, especially for teen programming and library materials. Most importantly, TAB is a forum to have your opinions and suggestions heard.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month, September - May and members receive community service hours for participating.

For more information email:

Kiersten Paine at kiersten.paine@montclair.bccls.org


Hello everyone! Welcome to the February 2017 issue of the Montclair Public Library’s Teen Advisory Newsletter!

Some members of the Teen Advisory Board have put together some fun things for you to read. We also had some amazing events this month and in the coming months! Each month, we "travel" to different regions for “Passport to Flavor!” In February, we visited Mexico with tostadas, guacamole, and mango with chile powder, and in March we'll be visiting Ireland!

Ever heard of KORT? Well, hear ye hear ye, come join Knights of the Round Table the last Tuesday of each month to talk about what you're reading, have a bite to eat, and more!


Many Hands

The entire month of January, TAB members and others in the community met up to create no-sew blankets, and plastic bag mats to give to donate.
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Passport to Flavor: Thailand (January) and Mexico (February)

The past couple of months have included some delicious culinary travels! In January, our travels took us Thailand, where we made vegetarian curry and mango with sticky rice.

Mexican food was on the menu in February, when we made tostadas, guacamole, and mango with lime and chili powder.

Blind Date with a Book

At our February TAB meeting, we created a mysterious display for the YA room. Blind Date with a Book gave many library patrons a chance to judge books by their content rather than by their cover.
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Black History Month Montclair NAACP 100th Anniversary Celebration

This event was a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Montclair chapter of NAACP. Mr. Albert E. Pelham, president of the Montclair NAACP, was our guest speaker. There was also a solo performance of Lift Every Voice and Sing by Adarian Sneed, student at Montclair High School. Usaama Dance Company shared a special dance performance. This event was attended by over 160 people!
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Thought - Anonymous

A fluid whisper in the wind,


My thoughts book bound to the soft haunting noise,

Each time like the bang of a drum yet quieter each time,

Lulling me into painful silence.

I am familiar with its cadence,

The idea is checked in to me,

Becoming an inmate of my mind,

Shackled by the firing neurons,

Who are in turn control of my beliefs.

Albert, the A-list nerd, glasses taped over the crook of his nose,

That isn't the only crook in his life,

John’s arms are never sorry of the bruises,

Chris lives happily with Al’s soul swirled into a secret jar far away from him,

And I have stolen the most valuable-- his support.

Lost in what to do, what to say, what to think,

Intervention is long forgotten,

Every man for himself,

Al's eyes are strangled screams of agony,

Every man for himself, I repeat.

My conscience is wrenched, torn, twisted,

Sorry, my lips shove out instinctively,


Deafening Silence.

The screeching Silence of the broken.

He knows, she knows,

They talk, they ask,

Al tells me, “Action speaks louder than words.”

He adjusts his taped glasses and those eyes-

The calm eye of a storm.



Action screams louder than thought.


Forever lost in thought.