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September 23, 2019

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Lincoln Bulletin

Happy Fall Lincoln Families,

Today, I joined our fifth graders on their fall field trip to Otter Creek. What a wonderful experience, the students were so engaged in learning and investigating ecosystems. It is great that this experience is in our backyard, St. Charles offers so many learning experiences for the students to take advantage of they are even encouraged to return. Students learned about ecosystems, the importance of marses and creeks and interdependence of organisms.

Science even carried over to our playground earlier this week, students were noticing a grasshopper on our playground and paused and observed the insect as it hopped across our playground. Seeing the wonder and curiosity in all of our students is such a treat, we want to encourage that throughout their days here and out of school. Take time to notice and wonder and always learn.

Next week there will be a buzz of activity at Lincoln school as many parents will join in the fun during PE next week. Thank you to those parents who are able to join in the classes and learn about what Lincoln's physical education is all about.

Our annual Kick-a-thon at the East vs. North football game is in a few weeks, Oct. 4. Today we had students donate money. Students and staff donated $1 to wear a hat and or crazy socks today.

In addition today, your child will come home with an envelope containing their performance series letters and results from our most recent testing window. We use this data along with our fastbridge to determine how our students are doing and if they need extra support or extensions.


The kids love this annual event and have a lot of fun while exercising for our cause: to provide funding for classroom supplies, art supplies, school equipment, library materials, field trips, new classroom technology, and much more! The Run-a-Thon will take place on Wednesday, October 2nd in place of P.E. Students will do a fun warm-up, followed by time to run or walk with their classmates. To cool off after the run, they will enjoy a popsicle. Today, your child attended a Kick-off Assembly and brought home a pledge envelope and a ‘paw print color sheet’. Here are a few important reminders:

1. Online donations can be made by out-of-town donors at

2. Parental permission is required to collect pledges. Only go door-to-door with a parent.

3. Include student name and class with online donations, pledge packet, and on front of the paw print.

4. Seal the envelope when returning to school so cash/checks do not fall out.

5. All checks need to be written out to “Lincoln PTO”. Pledges are tax-deductible. We hope you will help your child gather support from family and friends to help us maintain our strong educational and community values.

We have set a total school pledge goal of $4,000. This year we have the following collection incentives:

1. Each student who raises $50 will be able to throw a pie at Mr. Navis! If you raise $100 you will get to throw 2 pies, for $150, 3 pies, etc. The pie throwing will take place after lunch on October 31st .

2. Anyone who turns in their pledge envelope before Friday September 27th will be entered in a raffle to win a Forever Yogurt gift card.

3. To incorporate math, group goal setting and planning, classes will earn Wish list Bucks for reaching milestones. For every $250 collected, classes will earn $25 Wish list Bucks to use on classroom or playground items.

4. The class who earns the most dollars per student will win the ‘Runathon Fundraising Trophy’ to keep in their room all year. It will be a floating trophy, moving each year to the top earning classroom and they will receive an ice cream treat!

5. Top pledge earners from each class will get to ‘Be the P.E. Teacher’. Mr. Navis will mentor them during one of their regular P.E. classes and help them lead all of the P.E. activities for their class.

6. If the entire school earns over $4,000 in total pledges, there will be a celebration for the students and their families. REMINDER DATES * EARLY Pledge Turn-In Friday, September 27th * ALL Pledges & Paws Due Tuesday, October 1st Thank you for helping your child in our quest to make this a great school year! The Lincoln PTO Board

Lock Down and Bus Evacuation Drills

Student safety is a top priority at Lincoln Elementary and I want to inform parents about two safety drills we conducted over the past week. On Tuesday, September 17th we conducted a lockdown drill. The St. Charles Police Department attended the drill and provided valuable feedback about our safety procedures. On Wednesday, October 9th students will participate in a bus evacuation drill upon their arrival at Lincoln. We will also had our fire drill in collaboration with the Fire Department this week, combined with our severe weather drill. Feel free to speak with your child about the drills and ask them to share their responsibilities during such drills.