Martes, el ocho de julio

Progress Report the second Filed tonight!


Anessa was the first one to reply to the "text me" request I had in yesterday´s announcement. This is one way I check to see who is reading the announcements. If you missed it, go back and follow the instructions. In the meanwhile, way to go Anessa! You Rock!


Don´t get snowballed! Friday marks the finish of the first semester in the course. Come up with a plan to bring yourself up to date by Friday. Send it to me on Moodle Message. I will become your new best friend reminding you daily of how you are doing on your self made, Individual Work Plan!

Lección U4 L2

Tom Blodget writes some fun songs in Spanish that help reinforce vocabulary. Click the link below to listen his "¿Cómo es?". Text me at 919-617-6399 and give me a thumbs up or thumbs down vote on this song. I think it´s really catchy. But I´m old (over 22 at least...) and might be misguided. Help me out. Send me your vote, but only after listening. Also, while listening ask yourself, "Do I know what the song is saying?"