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July, 2022 Volume 1

Happy Summer!!!

We hope everyone is off enjoying a safe, happy and healthy summer break. Below is just a bit of information that you may need, particularly regarding summer assignments. Summer will go by fast so enjoy your time with family & friends.

See you soon!

Summer Assignments

All students in grades 9-12 are required to complete their summer reading assignments. Students may select any fiction or non-fiction book of interest to them that exceeds 100 pages. The book chosen will be used for a graded response to literature pre-assessment prompt in September. Students are responsible for obtaining their own book. For more information, please click here.

Grade 10-12 students only: Grade 10-12 students enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses or World Language Honors Courses do have additional summer assignments. They can be found at the links below. There is no additional summer assignment for any Grade 9 student, other than the summer reading assignment as detailed above.

AP Art & Design

English: AP Literature & Composition, AP Language & Composition

Science: AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics

Mathematics: AP Calculus, AP Statistics

Social Studies: AP US History II, AP Modern World History, AP European History, AP Psychology

World Language: Portuguese II Honors, Portuguese III Honors, Spanish II Honors, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors

English Language Arts & Math Summer Academies

Summer academies in ELA and math are being offered free of charge to grade 9 & 10 students at SBRHS.

Math Academy: August 15-August 18th from 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

To sign up for the Math Academy, please email Mr. Andrew Laurence at

Students will do fun, real-world activities that support growth in mathematics and assist students in preparing for the Grade 10 MCAS. Projects include a rocket launching project, Hot Wheels project, statistics project and scavenger hunt. A daily lunch will be provided. There will also be daily raffle prizes from Dunkin', McDonalds, Somerset Creamery, school supplies, etc. This is an opportunity for students to return to the building a few weeks prior to the beginning of school, meet staff members, and enjoy math!

Instructors: Mr. Andrew Laurence, Mathematics Content Coordinator, Mr. Jamie Sunderland, Ms. Kerri Eldridge and Ms. Leah Gay, member of the SBRHS Mathematics Department members

ELA Academy: August 15-August 18 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

This program is for incoming freshmen only. Activities include hands-on, creating and/or experience based lessons and tasks to develop skills in an alternative, performative and active setting. As part of this program, students will have the opportunity to complete their summer reading assignments.

Instructors: Mr. Christopher Silva, Mr. Ben Chase, Mr. Michael Fallon and Ms. Nicole Copeland, SBRHS ELA Department members

To sign up for the ELA academy, please email Mr. David Gleason at


Schedules are available on Aspen. If you need assistance accessing your student's schedule, please email us.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your student's schedule, please email the student's guidance counselor. Please leave a detailed message in your email. The counselors will get back to you in mid-August when they return from summer break and will address all concerns.

Ms. Lauren Meader

Ms. Tanya McCarthy

Ms. Alex Proulx

Incoming freshmen, please feel free to reach out to our Guidance Content Coordinator, Mrs. Elizabeth Coogan.

Main Office Summer Hours

The high school main office is open for questions, work permits, parking passes beginning on July 11, 2022 from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Attention Class of 2023--Parking Pass Information

Beginning on Monday July 11th, seniors will have the opportunity to reserve a spot in the student parking lot for the 2022-2023 school year. Summer hours will be Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm. You must show proof of a valid Driver’s License at time of application submission. A copy of the vehicle registration must be attached to this form when turned into the main office in order to be considered eligible for a parking pass.

Parking spots will be numbered, assigned, and issued on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if you want to park next to someone, you should turn in your paperwork together.

There will be no cost for parking stickers this year. Please note the stickers themselves will be available to pick up in the main office on the first day of school, but submitting your paperwork during the summer guarantees you a spot. Once school begins, spots will open up to underclassmen.

Please be sure to read all of the rules carefully before submitting your form.

If there are any questions, please email Ms. Smith in the main office.


The 2022-23 student/parent handbook is attached. Students will review the information contained in the handbook with administration/teachers when they return. We ask that all families review the policies and procedures.

Attendance Policy

The attendance policy has not changed at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. However, due to the pandemic of the last few years, we did suspend the loss of credit attendance expectations. During the 2022-23 school year, the attendance policy will be adhered to for all students. It is detailed below and can also be found, starting on page 13, of the student/parent handbook.



In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 76, students are required to be present in school in order to ensure continuity and consistency in the educational process and to prepare them for college and/or career.

School District Responsibility

Official school attendance records including absences, tardies and dismissals will be kept by the Attendance Office. Class attendance will be recorded daily. Students with chronic school attendance problems will be identified as early in the quarter as possible. In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 76, the school principal or designee will make a reasonable effort to notify by email parents/guardians, or students 18 years of age or older, if a student has five (5) or more unexcused absences to develop action steps for student attendance.

Parent/Guardian & Student Responsibility

Regular and consistent school attendance is the responsibility of students and parents/guardians. Failure to comply with this responsibility violates the legal requirement and may be subject to consequences through the court system. Parents/Guardians and students should use the Aspen Portal to view student’s attendance records for excused and unexcused absences, tardies and dismissals. All students, including those 18 years of age and older, will be bound by school attendance and extracurricular policies and procedures. Teachers have discretion as to whether they honor requests for work in advance of known absences. As always, students have one day to make up for every day absent. Students are highly encouraged to check online platforms (i.e. Google Classroom) any time they are absent. Students are required to enter the school building upon arriving to school grounds. Students will not be able to enter the building until 7am.


All absences must be verified in one of the following ways:

  • Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office on the day of the absence – (508) 324-3124.

  • If no call is made, the school will notify the parents/guardians on the day of the absence.

This is in accordance with MGL Chapter 76, Section 1A and 1B, Pupil Absence Notification Program. Parents/guardians phone calls or notes do not excuse absences unless stated below.

Excused Absences, Dismissals or Tardies

For an absence to be excused, one of the following documentations must be provided, in writing, within five (5) school days, unless the absence is due to school discipline:

  • Medical Documentation

  • Driver’s License Test/Permit Test (with RMV documentation)

  • Court (with court documentation)

  • Bereavement (with parent/guardian notification)

  • School sponsored field trips/events

  • College visits/accepted student day (four (4) per year excluding mid-year and final exam dates)

    • The excused absence will be issued after date of visit when official letter from college is given to attendance office

  • Religious observances (with parent/guardian notification)

  • Absences, dismissals and tardies by School Nurse, Administration or School Designee

  • Absences due to suspension or school exclusion

Unexcused Absences and Vacations

Any absence from school not listed in the aforementioned section will be counted towards students’ unexcused absence limit. Two or

more unexcused periods in a school day will be considered an unexcused absence. The school will notify parents/guardians of students

who have 2 or more unexcused periods within 5 days or have 5 or more unexcused absences in a school year. (Pupil Absence Notification Program in accordance with MGL Chapter 76, Section 1B) A meeting may be scheduled with the building principal (or their designee) with the parents/guardians and the students to develop an action plan to improve the student’s attendance.

(Pupil Absence Notification Program in accordance with MGL Chapter 76, Section 1B)

Vacations: Students’ absences resulting from vacations taken at times other than the days/weeks identified in the school calendar are highly discouraged and unexcused due to their impact on time spent learning. As always, students are encouraged to utilize teacher online classrooms during their time out of school.

Absence Limit per Year

Aforementioned excused absences are not counted toward the absence limit. Students who exceed 12 unexcused absences from a full- time course will receive no credit for the course, regardless of grade. Students who exceed 6 unexcused absences from a semester course will receive no credit for the course, regardless of grade.

Absences accumulated will be carried over to the new class for students who transfer from another class. Underclassmen (grades 9-11) are given the opportunity to recover lost credit, due solely to absenteeism, by adhering to the above policy, in its entirety, the following school year.

It is understood that seniors who do not adhere to the policy as stated, will be required to make up lost credit (up to two full time classes) during an evening school program, provided it is equal to the same subject material and rigor. If students feel that their unexcused absences beyond the 12th day for a school year were of an exceptional nature, they may appeal their case to the principal. The appeal for the student must be in writing within ten (10) business days from the mailing of the final report card of the school year.

School Tardiness

Students entering the building after the 7:25 a.m. bell will be considered tardy. Students who do not report to class by the 7:25 a.m. bell must sign in and obtain a tardy admission slip from the attendance office before going to class. Anything other than the aforementioned excused school absences is considered an unexcused tardy. Tardies are tallied ongoing throughout the school year.

Tardiness Progressive Discipline Outline:

  • FIRST – FOURTH OFFENSE – Processed by the Attendance Office with no penalty.

  • FIFTH – TENTH OFFENSE – Result in one (1) 45-minute detention per offense.

  • ELEVENTH- SIXTEENTH OFFENSE – Result in one (1) 90-minute detention per offense.

  • SEVENTEENTH & SUBSEQUENT OFFENSES - Discretion of administration - on (1) Saturday school, one (1) ISS or administrative discretion per offense, depending on severity/number of offenses

Class Tardiness:

Students entering the classroom without a pass will be issued a detention by the teacher, which must be served within two (2) school days. Students who are repeatedly tardy to class will be subject to additional discipline.

Class Truancy:

A student is considered truant from class when the student is not present in an assigned class and does not have an approved excuse to be absent from class. Each offense will result in one (1) Saturday School and parental/guardian notification via email. Students who are truant from class or school will receive a zero for any assignment or assessment missed.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022...

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...And Welcome Class of 2026! THANK YOU to our Big Buddies for hosting our summer orientation!