Stop Poaching Today

Illegal wildlife Trade facts

1. Between 2007 and 2012 there was a 5000% increase in rhino poaching in South Africa.

2. Approximately 28,300 freshwater turtles are traded each day.

3. Blue-fin Tuna is being fished out of existence due to increasing worldwide demand for sushi and sashimi

4. There are fewer than 3,200 tigers left in the wild

5. Pangolins are one of the most trafficked mammals in Asia and Africa

Poaching Facts

POACHING- the illegal hunting of animals for profit

The Rhino horn is an important ingredient for many medicines. Tigers are primarily killed to supply black markets with its organs, pelts, and bones. These items are highly regarded in eastern medicines. Bear gall bladders get top dollar for Chinese herbal remedies, Big-horned sheep antlers can fetch $20,000 on the black market.
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Animal Being Poached

  • Leather back Sea Turtles
  • Tigers
  • Javan Rhinos
  • Amur Leopards
  • Lemurs
  • Bears
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Solutions Fof Illegal Wildlife Trade And Poaching

Solutions to this matter must stop the source of it all. The main reason people commit Illegal Wildlife Trade is for money and power. This money is acquired by moving the object from point A to point B. By increasing tour laws on the border in order to stop our demand for the products in this country.

We are one of the world's leaders in trade and economy, so if we stop the products from entering our country, Illegal Wildlife Trade will suffer a severe injury.

A solution is very simple, we must stop the demand for the products. Many people disagree because they don't want to change their lifestyle. You don't have to because we can't completely stop the Black Market, but by just slightly lowering the demands for the products, there will be no reason for them to be hunted. Lastly, we all know what donating is and what it is about.