Dental Hygienist

The job I want

Job Desricpiton

A dental hygienist can help diagnose problems, show people how to brush their teeth, Assist the dentist in preforming oral surgery, and infrom children why cavities are bad. A cool fact is you have to have a really positive personality!

More details

The education thats required for this job is biology, chemistry, geometry, and algebra.

The personality needed for this job is excellent fine motor skills, detail-oriented, works well with others, positive, outgoing, compassionate, with an ability to explain complex ideas in simple language.

The salary is 69,280 a year.

The projected groth plan: Much Faster than Average (21% or more) it's also in demand

Companies that hire dental hygienist: Bright now! Dental, ETS Dental, and US army.

Dental Hygienist helps a lot in our society. They help inform children/adults the importance of clean teeth, and they also make the process of oral surgery a lot faster, just imagine preforming surgery on someone without an assitant!