Live a Courageous Life

Sammy Morris Period 4-5

Analysis and Development of the Theme

I think the theme of Freak the Mighty is "Live life to the fullest and do it with courage." The elements that help support the theme are conflict and characterization. Freak knew he was going to die. He just had something to hope for so he could look forward to it when he would die. He had courage all his life, like when he stood up Tony D., or fought Killer Kane with Max. Freak lived his life to the fullest by doing quests, memorizing the dictionary, all the quests him and Max did. Also Loretta Lee had courage to go down and try to save Max knowing she was in risk of death. The conflict in part of the book is person vs. person, because there was a lot of fighting between Max and his dad but he had courage. Freaks character goes with the theme because (like I said before) he had tons of courage and lived his life to the fullest. To support my theme I will give examples from the book. Max had courage when he fights his dad as well as Freak. To support this, in the book it says,"Even a total goon like me knows you can't fight Killer Kane but I go ahead and try anyhow," (pg. 128), 'Guess what I got for Christmas, Mr. Kane? Guess right, because your life depends on it," (pg. 131). Those sentences support my theme about courage and living life to the fullest.

Reflection and Aplacation of Theme

I agree with the theme that you should live life to the fullest and do it with courage. I agree with it because Max, and especially Freak, showed lots of courage through the entire book. My reaction is that it is true and I loved this theme because if you live life to the fullest and have courage you will have a great life for the rest of it. I think the author developed the theme well because the book is all about having courage to do things. One thing that they did with lots of courage was stand up to Tony D., bringing the purse to Loretta, and fighting Killer Kane. The theme is relevant to our world today because of many reasons. One of the reasons the theme is relavant to our generation is that now is that there are lots of dangers in the world and we need to have courage to face them. I think that we need to have courage and live life to the fullest.

Freak the Mighty by Rodman Phillbrick


Max lives in this crummy neighborhood and then Freak moves in. They became close friends and went on many quests. They returned Loretta Lee's purse to her and Iggy and they were both really scary. Later at school Freak had an allergic reaction and had to stay home for a while. Soon it was Christmas Eve and Max's dad kidnapped Max. In a cellar Loretta and Iggy try to save Max. Loretta gets caught and she is almost killed by Killer Kane. Freak comes and saves Max and then Killer Kane went to jail for the rest of his life. Loretta Lee lived and soon it became Freak's birthday. Freak had a seizure and he had to go to the hospital. Freak later died and then Gwen, Freaks mom, moved away and met a guy, that's what Loretta said. And that pretty summarizes Freak the Mighty.