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Shawn Bartholomae - Revolutionizing Oil and Gas Investment

Shawn Bartholomae - What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Oil Company

Shawn Bartholomae is the President and Chairman of Silver Tusk Oil Company, LLC. He started his company several years ago in Texas and has built it up into being one of the leading companies in the area. Shawn Bartholomae has been in the energy industry for several years and is a visionary and true professional. He is not just concerned about his company but desires that others be successful in the business as well. Here are a couple of things you need to know before starting your oil company.

  • Gather a Professional Team

Before you start your oil company, you will need to gather a group of individuals who you plan to work with. They will need to be skilled in technical, business, and financial areas to run an oil company. Once you have your core team together, you will need to look for subsurface traps where you could start drilling for petroleum deposits. You will need to negotiate with potential leasing clients for promising deposit sites and discuss the potential profits you expect to receive from these sites.

  • Business Plan

Create a business plan that will enable you and your core members to answer crucial questions about your business. You will need to outline your financial needs for starting your oil company. Your financial plan will need to list your long-term goals and how you intend on achieving them.

  • Register your Company

Once you have completed working on your business plan, you will need to have your company registered. Register and form a legal entity with the state so that your company is protected from legal liability.

Shawn Bartholomae launched his company with only a couple of business partners and built it into one of the leading companies in the area.

Shawn Bartholomae - Business Start-Up, Identify the Market

Being an entrepreneur and business owner with the same level of experience as Shawn Bartholomae takes time and investment. You have to be willing to work hard and to learn at every opportunity in order to excel as a business owner. A lot of that means doing research and learning how the bigger names in the industry do it.

Following in the footsteps of those who are already successful is often the fast track to your own success. Think of everyone and everything in your life as a learning experience. The more open you are to learning, the more knowledge you are likely to accumulate to better your business.

One good way to make a better business is to learn how to identify your market. According to’s 50 Tips for Starting Your Own Company, “Even though you may have detected some interest in your business, you need to do more homework. Assess the market, targeting the customers most likely to make a purchase. Perform a competitive assessment.” It is also important to “Do additional research and find out the standard cost factors within this industry. Not only will this help you manage your business more effectively, investors will want to know this.”

Being able to identify your market means being able to learn what they want and how to market to them. Once this is determined, more research is required to figure out the costs of operating and marketing strategies. Strategies like this have helped businessmen like Shawn Bartholomae do well.

Shawn Bartholomae - Business Beginnings, Buy Insurance

Investing in yourself and making your own company like Shawn Bartholomae can often be risky business. That is because in order to even get a business started it usually requires a significant amount of time and money to be invested. That is why you as the business owner always need to be thinking about your own financial security and protection. Your assets are valuable, and need to be treated as such. That is why it is important for you to seek out the proper insurance for your business. It is also important to ensure that the insurance is the proper price and fits all of the needs of your business.

According to’s 50 Tips For Starting Your Own Company, you should, “Make sure that you arrange for the proper insurance for your business. This will vary according to the type of business. If you’re working from home be sure that your homeowner’s insurance covers theft or damage to business assets, as well as liability for any business-related injuries.” It is also important to, “Set up the books. Figure out if you’re using a cash or accrual system, determine the fiscal year for the business and set up a recordkeeping system.”

Having the proper insurance and a good recordkeeping system can make any accidents turn out in your favor. The books like inventory are important because in the event of a catastrophe, the insurance company often assesses value and damages based on previous records. Businessmen like Shawn Bartholomae know the benefits of insurance and good recordkeeping.

Shawn Bartholomae - Business Start-Up Tips, Promoting

A key tool of entrepreneurs like Shawn Bartholomae’s success has come from understanding the world of advertising and marketing. Advertising can be a businessman’s best friend, or a financial nightmare that involves sinking thousands of dollars into a campaign that has no real return. That is why there are some advertising strategies that are much more effective than others.

One of the best strategies for advertising also happens to be one of the cheapest, word-of-mouth. This kind of advertisement only requires that you have satisfied customers who want to share their experiences with friends. Networking is also a good way to help grow your business.

According to’s 50 Tips for Starting Your Own Company, “Nothing beats some good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. Let friends, family members and influencers in your field spread the word about your product or service.” As far as networking, you should never, “be afraid to get out there and show your face to the public, whether at a conference or just being out and about with friends on a Friday night. But try to stay local because travel can dwindle your budget.”

Being a good businessman or woman is as much about keeping up appearances as it is about providing a good service. You want to be out with the public to show them that you are active and that you care about your community. Trust is a big part of any business doing well. Trust is how entrepreneurs like Shawn Bartholomae became successful in the business industry.

Shawn Bartholomae - Business Beginnings, Money Management

Money management is one of the key ways that businessmen like Shawn Bartholomae have been successful. If you are trying to open your own company, your success may hinge upon your ability to pay attention to detail and adapt. This means you have to adapt financially to new situations. Money management helps business owners do just that. Sometimes you will find a cheaper but higher quality product to provide your services, or a better material for your product. During times like these money management becomes crucial. Fortunately, with good money management you can start a successful business even in a recession.

According to’s 50 Tips for Starting Your own Company, you shouldn’t be, “overly concerned by the economy. Some of the best businesses have launched during a recession. In fact, half of the Fortune 500 companies listed in 2009 were founded during such times, according to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.” But good money management means you need to, “Make sure clients pay their bills. Always be certain to receive payment for your products or services. Instead of being taken advantage of, establish a time frame for payment. It also wouldn’t hurt to accept credit cards and have an online payment system set up.”

Proper money management like receiving your bills from clients can help keep your business steady and growing. Making sure that you manage your finances the correct way can even help you thrive in a bad economy. Good money management has helped entrepreneurs like Shawn Bartholomae make it in business.

Shawn Bartholomae - Three Important Things You Should Do If You Want to Get Into the Oil Industry

Shawn Bartholomae is the founder and major shareholder in many oil and gas companies. He is also the founder of Silver Tusk Oil Company, LLC. The oil and gas industry has several openings for those who have the necessary skills and who are ready to learn new things. However, if you are planning a career in the oil and gas industry, there are a couple of things you will need to do. Shawn Bartholomae has been in the oil and gas industry for several years.


While you might have different educational qualifications and skill sets, you can still work in the oil and gas industry. However, it is important that you study the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and obtain an engineering undergraduate degree. However, if you have received a bachelor’s or master’s degree in another line of study, you might want to take up one of the schemes that are specifically designed for those wanting to get into the oil and gas industry, but do not have the necessary educational background. These schemes will help you make an easy transition into the industry.

Get a Mentor

It would do you good to get yourself a mentor who is in the oil and gas industry. Mentoring is important for any career, but if you are making a transition from one industry to another, you could benefit greatly with the help of a mentor.

Research First

Do a research to find out which disciplines in the oil and gas industry are in highest demand. Check which companies are the best to work with, and also, look for regions that are experiencing growth in the oil and gas industry. Though Abu Dhabi, Perth, and Houston are hotspots for exploration, Mozambique and Mexico are fast emerging countries with opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Shawn Bartholomae has worked in the oil industry for several decades.


Shawn Bartholomae Founder of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC

Shawn Bartholomae started his career in the telecommunication industry in the 1980s and moved to the oil industry in 1988. He is a successful businessman and the founder of Silver Tusk Oil Company, LLC. Shawn Bartholomae has been in the oil investment for several decades and has headed several oil investment firms in Texas. He attended the University of Texas, El Paso and majored in business management and spent several years working in the telecommunication industry before moving over to the oil industry. He started his career in the oil industry working as a venture capitalist and Vice President of a privately held oil company.

Silver Tusk Oil is an independent oil company in Texas that is revolutionizing the way people invest in oil and gas. The company seeks to offer direct ownership of products producing oil and gas at the wellhead at much more competitive prices than other companies in the area. The investors get better equity positions, streamlined pricing, and properties ready for development and drilling. Silver Tusk Oil offers an array of oil and gas development projects ranging from single well prospects to multiple well properties in proven fields. The company’s projects contain more mineral right acreage that what is needed to drill and develop, which in turn offers additional equity in projects as they are offered for sale to clients.

Shawn Bartholomae founded Silver Tusk Oil, LLC a company that provides investors with low broker fees and commission, low Carried Working Interest, and increased odds of finding profitable oil wells.

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Shawn Bartholomae - Misconceptions About Exercise and Aging

Shawn Bartholomae is an experienced oil and gas investment businessman who has been in the industry for thirty years. He attended the University of Texas, El Paso and majored in business management. He is a successful businessman who puts the interests of his clients first. Shawn Bartholomae likes to exercise and stay fit. Here are some misconceptions about exercise and aging.

Old People Shouldn’t Exercise

Some people believe that old people should not exercise, but research shows that it is unhealthy for adults over the age of 50 to live a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity is most often the main cause for older people losing their ability to do things on their own.

I’m Getting Old, There’s No Point in Exercising

Exercise helps strengthen the bones and muscles in the body and helps you stay active and look younger. Regularly exercise can help reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and obesity. Old people who exercise can help keep their bodies strong and remain active for longer.

Risk of Falling Down

Some old people feel that if they exercise they could risk falling down. However, that is not true, because regular exercise helps build strength and stamina, and prevents loss of bone mass. It helps improve balance and stability and reduces the risk of falling down.

Too Late to Start

It is never too late to start exercising. In fact, exercising helps improve your health and well-being. While elderly people do not necessarily have to lift heavy weights, they can start with simple exercises such as walking, stretching and few other muscle building exercises.

Shawn Bartholomae enjoys working out and staying fit.


Shawn Bartholomae Supporter of Texas Water Development Board

Shawn Bartholomae is concerned with environmental issues in his native state, and along with other Texans has monitored the continuing drought in their state with concern. Texas has a long history of drought periods, and the latest drought, which started in October of 2010 and extended well into 2014, is said to have rivaled a devastating dry spell in the 50’s. 2011 was the driest year ever for Texas statistically. Despite a short rainy period in early 2012, late 2012 returned Texas to an extremely dry state. Texas’ reservoirs were only 67 percent full in June of 2014.

The serious seven-year dry spell of the 1950’s so decimated Texas that the modern era of water planning began during this period which destroyed almost a hundred thousand ranches. The newly founded Texas Water Development Board created 62 new dams and reservoirs over the next twenty years, and continues to be supported by successful Texans like Shawn Bartholomae today. The Texas state legislature passed comprehensive water policy reform in the form of Texas Senate Bill 1 in 1997. Droughts have brought devastating losses to the Lone Star state throughout its agricultural history, and the 90’s and new millennium were no exception. Legislative attempts to alleviate the worst conditions have included intervention by the Lower Colorado River Authority which provided tanker truck deliveries of water to the 1100 residents of Spicewood Beach, Texas when their wells ran dry in 2012. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality monitors lake levels, making decisions to cut off agricultural irrigation when levels drop to dangerous levels. Texas’ electric grid operator, ERCOT, has also closed energy plants when summer heat has caused excess usage and water was not available to cool equipment.

The 83rd Texas Legislature considered an allocation of $2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund to support State Water Plan projects, and the passage of Proposition 6 earmarked the money to a rotating loan program which will fund conservation, pipelines, reservoirs and water projects approved by the Texas Water Development Board. 20 percent of this $2 billion will go toward conservation, and 10 percent is marked for rural water needs. Shawn Bartholomae, as a long time Texas resident, supports these legislative efforts to protect Texans from the worst effects of extended drought.

The July 2015 drought report from the Texas Water Development Board reported that spring rains provided serious ground saturation and provided soil moisture.

Nonetheless, portions of Texas continued to suffer from water shortages. At that time, it was hoped that the winter of 2014-2015 would bring a wet winter to refill low reservoirs. Of greater concern is the population growth rate in Texas, which places ever growing demands on the water consumption. Conservation measures which have been enacted during drought periods are vital even during times of rains and wetter conditions, and residents like Shawn Bartholomae support legislative efforts to support the State Water Plan.




Shawn Bartholomae Reduces Upfront Fees

Shawn Bartholomae graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso with a major in Business Management. His first work was in telecommunications until he made a change in 1988, discovering the profit potential of the oil industry and setting up his first oil and gas firm. In 1997, Bartholomae founded his first securities firm, and has served clients since in exploring and discovering the best oil drill sites and preparing them for investment. Silver Tusk Oil Company, LLC today bases a good deal of its success on a unique approach in the oil industry; eliminating promotional fees. Recognizing that promotional fees often place costs up front on drilling programs which stunt investment potential, Bartholomae has innovated an approach to the economics of oil drilling which helps to eliminate risk for investors.

Shawn Bartholomae has worked in various business capacities for over 26 years. Risk manager, venture capitalist, partner, CEO, manager and treasurer, Bartholomae has worn the many hats of an oil and gas producer in Texas. This deep well of experience has allowed Bartholomae to structure oil and gas offerings to investors which maximize the opportunity for profit while simplifying the road which leads to prosperity.

Up front interest fees have long had a chilling effect on profits for oil and gas projects. Recognizing this roadblock, Shawn Bartholomae has structured offerings with drastically reduced up-front fees. From the industry standard of 25 percent Bartholomae has introduced projects with upfront fees of 12.5 percent. This innovation has helped remove impediments to quick and sustainable profit for the project, and reduce lag time for the sale of the drill site once in production.


Induced Production of Natural Gas Possible for Shawn Bartholomae?

Fears regarding natural fossil fuel resources as finite and depletable have traditionally been based in the belief that coal, oil and natural gas derived from fossils, formed over millions of years in time from compressed plant and animal remains. What are the ramifications for oil and gas producers like Shawn Bartholomae should this proposition be untrue?

In the case of refined gas such as that used in barbecue grills, it has been an accepted truth that this is a modern fuel which took 500 million years to form. But experimentation by geologists and chemists has shown that natural gas can be produced by the addition to heat and water to brown coal. Underground gas and oil mixed with water rises from heated coal deposits until they are trapped by rocks overlying their path or until they emerge from the surface. Converting coal to liquid or gas hydrocarbons does not appear to be a lengthy process, nor does the upward migration of the materials take any significant time. Is it possible that oil and gas projects structured for investors by companies like those of Shawn Bartholomae could be looking at entirely new parameters in preparation and availability?

Geologist Andrew Snelling documented experiments executed on coal from Australia’s Gippsland Basin. "Brown coals from the onshore part of the basin were heated under conditions that simulated accelerated sedimentary burial conditions” producing "liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons from the contained waxes, and leaf, pollen, and spore cuticles, all in a matter of two to five days."

Shawn Bartholomae Enjoys Classic Indian and Harley Davidson

The dual-sport motorcycle style is intended to be used off-road but have street-legal features for the street. Riding postures differ for each form of riding, and for different motorcycle types. Shawn Bartholomae, motorcycle enthusiast, has likely experimented with all different types of bikes and the riding styles required by each one.

The Daimler Reitwagen was the first internal combustion, petroleum fueled motorcycle, built in 1885. The Daimler Reitwagen relied on two outrigger wheels to remain upright in turns. Called the riding car, it was originally developed as a test vehicle for the new engine. The Daimler Reitwagen is now a valuable collector item for aficionados like Shawn Bartholomae. The Butler Petrol Cycle was conceived by Englishman Edward Butler in 1884, a three wheeled vehicle with rear wheel drive and a seat between two front wheels. America’s first series production motorcycle, the Orient-Aster, was soon to come from its factory in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1898. Experimentation and improvement on the internal combustion engine outpaced motorcycle capability, and many early motorcycle inventors took the improved larger engines into work with automobiles.

World War I stimulated motorcycle production for the war effort. Triumph Motorcycle, Royal Enfield, Norton and Birmingham Small Arms Company, as well as Indian and Harley Davidson amped up production per military contracts. The Model H Triumph is regarded as having been the first modern motorcycle, with a four stroke engine and three speed gearbox, nicknamed the Trusty Triumph. American favorites like the Indian and the Harley Davidson would follow shortly, becoming legendary names for Americans like Shawn Bartholomae.

Shawn Bartholomae - What You Need to Know About Investing in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas market can be quite confusing to both the beginner and experienced investor, with major price fluctuations happening on a daily basis. Shawn Bartholomae recommends understanding the driving forces in the market if you are planning to invest in the oil and gas industry. He has several years’ experience in the oil industry and founded Silver Tusk Oil, LLC., an independent oil company based in Houston, Texas. Shawn Bartholomae graduated with a major in Business Management from the University of Texas, El Paso. Here’s what you need to know about the forces that drive the oil and gas market.


According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the current demand for oil is approximately 96 million barrels of oil and liquid fuel per day. This amounts to a demand of over 35 billion barrels of oil per year. The EIA also reported that about 19.4 million barrels of oil per day was consumed in the US alone in 2015. The constant demand for oil is expected to increase, especially from emerging market economies as these countries industrialize. A couple of emerging market economies have fuel subsidies, however, fuel subsidies might not always be beneficial to the economy. Though they tend to increase production, they also cause the country to sell its oil at a loss. Removing subsidies can cause the producing countries to increase supply, decrease shortage, and bring down the price of oil.


With over 97 million barrels of oil being currently produced per day, the need to discover new oil reserves is on the table for many oil corporations. The oil fields in the North Sea and Mexico have already experienced a sharp decline in production, but the discovery of oil reserves in Brazil (2007), seem to provide a glimmer of hope. Most OPEC countries just don’t have the ability to produce more oil per day, with the exception of Saudi Arabia.

Investors looking to investing in the oil and gas market have to take into consideration the factors of demand and supply as well as bidding on oil futures contracts. Several institutional investors now involved in the oil and gas markets hold commodity-linked investments in long-term asset-allocation strategy.

However, regardless of the reasons for the change of prices, investors looking to invest in the oil market have various options available. The simplest way to invest in the oil market is through stocks of oil drilling companies. Shawn Bartholomae of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC., offers investors a revolutionary way of investing in oil and gas by offering them direct ownership of the projects they invest in at a much lower cost than other companies.



Shawn Bartholomae - How to Minimize Financial Risk in Investment

Shawn Bartholomae has several years’ experience in business and is the Founder and President of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC. He graduated with a major in Business Management from the University of Texas, EL Paso and started his career in the telecommunications industry in the 1980’s. He is experienced in the field of investment counseling in the energy industry and in the marketing of financial products dealing with oil and gas production. Shawn Bartholomae knows that investing carries a certain amount or risk, and is a common way individuals and businesses generate passive income. However, there are things you can do to minimize financial risk when you invest.


If you want to minimize risk when you invest, you will need to diversify your investments. A good idea would be to invest 25 percent in a low-risk market, 30 percent in government bonds, 25 percent in domestic stocks and 20 percent in international investment instruments. Investing in different investment instruments will help reduce financial risk.

Invest as Soon as Possible

One of the mistakes many people make is that they wait too long before investing. Investing as soon as possible will give your investments sufficient time to grow and bring in returns. If you are looking to grow your investments, you will need to need to invest sooner than later. Investing early allows you to cash out in the event of unstable market situations with a little economic loss to your original investment. Most investments have a certain time limit before which if you withdraw, you will lose a major part of your investment. However, once you cross a particular lime limit in your investments, you will not lose your original investment but just a portion of your returns.

Educate Yourself About Investments

When investing, you will need to educate yourself about the investment market. You will need to look at various markets and learn which investment instruments will offer you the best returns, and what risks are involved. A major portion of your time should be spent in educating yourself before you start investing. Several brokerage houses, books, and online investment websites offer material on investment. Having a proper investment education could be the difference between significant losses and highly successful returns.

Be Savvy

When you start investing, you will need to be savvy and not greedy. A wise investor will know when to cash out and accept the financial returns, and when to hold on to the investments they have made. Understanding how the market moves and operates will help you make wise decisions regarding your investments and minimize financial risk.

Shawn Bartholomae of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC., offers a revolutionary way for investors to invest in the oil and gas industry.


Shawn Bartholomae - How to Change Your Motorcycle Engine Oil

Shawn Bartholomae is a successful businessman in the oil and gas industry. He is the founder of several successful companies and is the founder and president of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC. Riding motorcycles have always been one of his interests and he regularly takes long rides on his motorcycle. Shawn Bartholomae ensures he regularly services his motorcycle so that it remains in peak condition when he takes it out for a ride. Here’s how you go about changing your motorcycle engine oil.

It is recommended to turn on your motorcycle and let the engine run for a couple of minutes to make the engine oil less viscous so that it drains out easily. Place the motorcycle on its center stand or a center-lift stand so that it has sufficient ground clearance to drain the old engine oil.

With the motorcycle placed on the stand, spread sufficient newspaper under the motorcycle to protect the ground from an oil spill. Locate the waste nut and place a recipient under it to collect the old engine oil. Use a socket spanner to remove the nut and let the oil drain into the recipient. Check to see if the seal is in good condition or replace if it is worn out and replace it. Remember to replace the waste nut and tighten it. Locate the oil filter and replace it with a new one (according to manufacturer’s specification).

You will need to get the right engine oil for your motorcycle and fill it in the oil tank. Make sure you fill exactly how much is required and screw the plug back on again. Turn on your motorcycle and let the engine run for about five minutes and turn it off. Check the oil level with the dipstick and top it up if necessary. Once you are done, remember to dispose of the used oil by pouring it down the drain. Shawn Bartholomae enjoys taking long bike rides when he is not busy working.

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Shawn Bartholomae - Indian Motorcycle Enthusiast

Shawn Bartholomae is a motorcycle enthusiast and is particularly fond of Indian Motorcycles and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Both brands have been his favorites since he started riding motorcycles when he was a teenager. Though he is a busy person, Shawn Bartholomae enjoys riding motorcycles and never passes up an opportunity to go for a breakfast run with his friends. The Indian is an American brand of motorcycles that was produced between 1901 and 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The motorcycles were produced by Hendee Manufacturing Company, but the company’s name was later changed to Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company in 1928.

Within the first ten years of its production, the Indian factory team won the first three places in the popular Isle of Man Tourist Trophy in 1911. A few years after commencing business, during the 1910’s the company became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. The most popular models made were the Scout (1920 to 1946), and the Chief (1922 to 1953) when the company declared bankruptcy. Though several organizations tried to revive the company, they did not succeed much. However, in 2011, Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company was purchased by Polaris Industries and moved its operations from North Carolina to its facilities in Iowa and Minnesota. As from August 2013, Polaris has been manufacturing several modern models of Indian motorcycles that reflect the traditional style of the original Indian motorcycles.

The company currently offers its custom line of Indian motorcycles to several countries around the world. Shawn Bartholomae prefers taking long rides on his motorcycle when the weather is fine.


Shawn Bartholomae - Investing Tips for Beginners

Venture Capitalist Shawn Bartholomae is the President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a manager of Silver Tusk Oil Company, Limited Liability Company (LLC). He has over 30 years experience in the investment industry as an oil and gas visionary that has managed many successful ventures during the course of his career. Shawn Bartholomae is a smart investor whose experiences have provided him with growing knowledge about the stock market and investment opportunities.

It is never too late to begin investing; however, the sooner you can begin, the better. While investing may seem overwhelming at times to many young adults, people in their 20s and 30s are actually living in their prime investment window. Though many young adults may believe that they do not have enough capital to begin investing, this is rarely true. The sooner you begin investing your funds, regardless of how much savings you have, the larger capital growth you will see over a long period of time. Growing capital is not a process that happens overnight. Therefore, if you begin investing even a small amount in early adulthood, you will reap greater benefits overtime as your finances mature. One of the best ways to begin investing is through dollar cost averaging, in which the investor picks a comfortable amount to steadily invest each month. This allows the investor to accumulate more shares on average over time, which results in greater financial gain when the market is up.

Diversification is also key to becoming a successful investor and receiving the greatest return on your investment. What this means is that it is unwise to invest all of your money into a single stock or even a single type of stock. This is especially true if you are a first-time investor who has a smaller amount of investment capital. First time investors should not expect all of their stocks to go up or even remain steady. Therefore, by investing in multiple smaller stock options, you avoid losing all of your capital in the event that one of your stocks falls. One of the best ways to diversify stock without having a lot of money is to invest in a no-load mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). No-load mutual funds are unique because they do not have a sales charge or commission attached to the purchase while ETFs are tracking indexes that are traded in a similar fashion to traditional stocks.

Shawn Bartholomae is passionate about always putting the client first by allowing the average investor to participate in deals that many would not be able to within the tough climate of the oil and gas industry. When engaged with clients, he works to achieve good and steady returns with minimum risks.


Shawn Bartholomae - Guide to Strategic Philanthropy

Shawn Bartholomae has managed many successful ventures in a career that spans 3 decades. In addition to being a polished and professional businessman on the cutting edge of the oil and gas industry, he is also passionate about being involved with his church and his family. Shawn Bartholomae understands that his Christian faith and his role as a supportive father are important to his overall success and happiness.

One way that businesses can choose to give back to their communities and improve their overall image is through strategic philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy refers to an act of charity in which a business connects to a non-profit organization or local cause in order to gain a mutual benefit. The non-profit organization will gain financial support or services, while the business will gain positive exposure and lead generation, or a combination of benefits. Examples of strategic philanthropy can include allowing a group or organization to hold a fundraiser within your facility or giving the organization coupons for your goods to distribute that provide a percentage of profit to their cause.

By engaging in strategic philanthropy, you will give your business an edge against competitors by increasing your marketing opportunities and improving your overall image within your community and workspace. Strategic philanthropy allows a win-win situation in which your business can improve and increase its exposure in a positive manner while increasing business traffic and creating a more positive society within the local community and for employees. In addition to being an oil and gas visionary, Shawn Bartholomae believes in the importance of giving back to others.


Shawn Bartholomae - Basic Boating Safety

Shawn Bartholomae’s professional experience involves investment counseling in the energy industry and marketing of financial products within oil and gas production. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of several Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). In addition to his work in the oil and gas industry, Shawn Bartholomae also enjoys boating.

Though a fun and popular hobby, boating can also be a dangerous endeavor if those on board vessels are not careful to maintain safe practices while on the water. One of the best and most effective ways to guarantee the safety of all on board is to ensure that each passenger wears a life jacket to help keep them afloat in the event of entry into the water. The purpose of a life jacket is to keep the body floating above the water in order to allow continued breathing. The United States Coast Guard requires that all boats have approved life jackets for each passenger and all states have required regulations regarding life jackets for children. For children in particular it is especially important that their life jackets fit snugly and do not allow their ears or chin to slip under the life jacket. In order to maintain proper life jacket care, be sure to check your life jackets annually for any damage or loss of buoyancy. Damaged life jackets should be discarded and replaced.

Shawn Bartholomae knows that by maintaining proper boating safety, he can provide a relaxing, fun and safe hobby for himself and his family.

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Shawn Bartholomae - Chess

Shawn Bartholomae is an oil and gas visionary who has managed many successful ventures over his span of approximately 30 years in the business. His vision for his companies involves always putting the client first by allowing the average investor to participate in deals that many would not be able to within the tough climate of the oil and gas industry. When he isn’t helping clients with an investment, Shawn Bartholomae enjoys the challenge of a game of chess.

Though chess may often be viewed as a fun way to kill time, playing a game of chess actually provides beneficial mental stimulation for those who are engaged in a game. One positive effect of playing chess is that it teaches you constructive actions, such as planning and foresight, through the mask of a game. This is because chess is best won through careful strategy. The more you play, the better you become at formulating strategies inside and outside the game. Playing chess has also been shown to improve concentration, reading skills, problem-solving skills, memory, and creativity.

In addition to these positive mental benefits, playing chess can also be a practical tool for memory-related illnesses. Some studies show that brain-challenging games, like chess, can help prevent Alzheimer’s by keeping the brain active and well exercised. Chess is also sometimes used to help develop fine motor skills in patients who have suffered strokes or a similar disability. In this therapy, the action of moving the chess pieces assists patients in recovery.

Shawn Bartholomae exercises his mind and challenges his sense of competition by playing chess.



Shawn Bartholomae - Interesting Facts About The Oil and Gas Industry

Shawn Bartholomae developed his passion for the oil and gas industry in the late-1980s, when he first got his start in the sector as a venture capitalist. He later became the Vice President of a privately-held oil and gas firm before forming Silver Tusk Oil, LLC and Pro AK, LLC. He is always interested to learn more about oil, gas and the industry as a whole. The following are just a few interesting facts about the sector.

  • The world’s first offshore oil production facility was created in 1891, when workers from Riley and Banker’s Oil began drilling in the Grand Lake St. Mary’s. Of course, limitations in technology of the time meant that such an installation couldn’t be too far offshore, but it was still an impressive achievement that laid the groundwork for the modern oil industry.
  • The first recorded use of pipelines to transport natural gas extends back to ancient times. In 500 B.C. China used bamboo pipes to boil sea water in transit. This allowed for the salt to be separated from the water, which would then have been condensed back down to a drinkable form.
  • The Chinese were also responsible for the first oil production. In 327 A.D., Chinese engineers used bamboo to drill down into the ground and extract the first drops of oil. At the time the product was known as “burning water” and it was a long time before oil’s many other uses were discovered.

Shawn Bartholomae is a business owner and entrepreneur who specializes in the oil and gas industries.

Shawn Bartholomae - Advice For Effective Risk Management

As a business owner who also offers advice to prospective investors, Shawn Bartholomae understands that risk management plays a huge role in the success of many endeavors. This is particularly true in oil and gas, which often encompasses large projects where the possibility of risk is magnified for all involved. This means that effective techniques must be in place to manage the risk, such as all of the following.


Before you can start managing risk you need to identify the issues that any projects you are developing may face. Conduct a feasibility study and encourage as many people as possible to pitch in with their thoughts and ideas. Identify every possible problem and you can start working on potential solutions. Bear in mind that limiting the number of people you consult in this period often means you miss risk factors that others may have highlighted.

Commit Resources

Identifying a risk means little if you are not willing to commit the resources required to deal with it. Assess each risk on an individual basis and understand the amount of work that will need to be done to mitigate it. Trying to take shortcuts could come back to haunt you later on in the project.


Risk management should be a primary concern for all key decision makers in the company, rather than something that a compartmentalized group deals with. Work to create a risk-aware culture, as this means you will have larger groups of people looking at new projects from different perspectives, thus allowing for risk to be more easily identified.

Shawn Bartholomae minimizes risks for investors by creating economically viable offerings.

Shawn Bartholomae - Ideas For Motivating A Workforce

As a business owner Shawn Bartholomae is responsible for ensuring his teams perform to the highest level and meet all expectations in projects. To do this he focuses on improving productivity by ensuring all staff are motivated in their work. This is an issue that many managers struggle with, so try to keep these tips in mind to motivate your workforce.

Be Enthusiastic

As a leader you must understand that your teams will look to you for guidance during projects. While you can provide plenty of good advice, your teams will also notice if you display little enthusiasm for the projects they are working on. If that is the case you may find these feelings reflected in the team, resulting in less effort being put into work. Approach all projects with enthusiasm to avoid this.

Reward Good Work

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a salary is adequate reward for the work of your employees. If somebody goes above and beyond the call of duty in a project, you need to respond by rewarding them for those efforts. This could be something as simple as a thank-you for all of the hard work, though many managers have special incentive schemes in place to encourage people to be more productive.

Eliminate Toxic Influences

Some people may struggle to motivate themselves for work because they don’t enjoy the environment created by your company. Poor working environments are often caused by toxic influences, such as unruly team members, so stay on top of this and make changes as appropriate.

Shawn Bartholomae is an entrepreneur and business owner in the oil and gas sector.

Shawn Bartholomae - Common Mistakes Made By New Entrepreneurs

Shawn Bartholomae gained years of experienced in the oil and gas sectors before he made the decision to found his own companies. Today, Silver Tusk Oil, LLC and Pro AK, LLC have developed reputations for delivering successful projects and high returns on investments. One of the keys to Bartholomae’s success as an entrepreneur was avoiding many of the pitfalls that trip business novices up. The below are all blunders entrepreneurs should aim to avoid.

Focusing Solely On Service

While the service you provide to customers is going to be crucial in your success, you also need to understand that this only accounts for one aspect of your business. You also need to focus on the administrative and financial aspects of any companies you form, else you may find the foundations of your ventures start to crumble over time.

Not Being Realistic

You may believe that you have the greatest concept in the world and it is good to be enthusiastic and driven in your endeavors as an entrepreneur. However, you also need to be able to apply logic to your ventures. Conduct extensive market research and listen to what other people say about your product. There is little point launching a business if there is no demand for what you offer.

Being Ruled By Fear

All entrepreneurial endeavors have risk attached. While you must take steps to manage this risk you should not be so paralyzed by fear of it that you stop moving forward. If you don’t have the courage to confront risk your business will stagnate.

Shawn Bartholomae is a business owner and experienced entrepreneur.