Faction Before Blood

Divergent by: Veronica Roth-487 pages-HarperCollins 2011

My Thoughts on Divergent

Divergent was an excellent book. It had action it had romance it had comedy it had the whole nine yards. Both parents dying was a little much one parent dying was enough. I love this book.

-Natalie Anderson Book Critic


  • Beatrice Prior- Beatrice Prior is a Daultness transfer she is from the faction Abnegation. Her test result was inconclusive that means she is Divergent. She picked Dauntless as her faction because she dreamed about it since she was a little girl. She changed her name to Tris because it is wild and adventurous. She has a tattoo on her shoulder of four crows for each one in her family members.
  • Four (Tobias Eaton)- Four is a main leader for Dauntless transfer initiates and is a Divergent as well. Tobias changed his name to Four because he has four fears. Like Tris he was born to Abnegation and moved to Dauntless to get away from Marcus his dad because he was getting abused. He and Tris have a love connection.
  • Eric- Eric is a Dauntless leader who was hired by Jeanine to kill all divergents in Dauntless He is a transfer from Erudite and is also a leader for Dauntless transfer initiates. He is the meanest of them all.
  • Jeanine Matthews- Jeanine is the leader of the Erudite faction and wants to form an alliance between Erudite and Dauntless against Abnegation because she wants to leader of everybody and take it away from Marcus Eaton. She makes a serum that controls the Dauntless. But it does not work on Divergents. So she can know who is a Divergent and who isn’t. The serum makes them control by command so she can take over Abnegation and be everyone’s leader.
  • Marcus Eaton- Marcus is the leader of all the factions. He is Tobias’s father. He is on the council along with Caleb and Tris’s dad.
  • Caleb- Caleb is Tris’s brother. He chose to leave Abnegation to go to Erudite. He loves to read books and learn. He and Tris are very close. Caleb has no idea that Erudite is gonna take over Abnegation.

Why Veronica Roth Choose the title "Divergent"

Veronica Roth choose the title Divergent because it is all about Divergents and what happens to them throughout the book.


Tris is in the faction Abnegation but the choosing ceremony is soon . Before the choosing ceremony Tris goes to take the aptitude test to see what faction she is most like. But the test didn't work on her because she is divergent. That means you think differently from other. Then she goes to the choosing ceremony and then chooses that faction Dauntless. Because she dreamed about it since she was a little girl. Her brother Caleb who is the same age as her choose the faction Erudite because he loves to read and learn. After the choosing ceremony Dauntless starts running out and starts climbing the poles that support the train. Then they run after the train and pull themselves in the train off to Dauntless. While in the Train she meets Christina. Although the train does not stop and then they need to jump out. Then Tris meets Eric the leader of Dauntless. There is a hole in the roof and you can't see the bottom and that is the only way into Dauntless. Tris is the first jumper. When she gets to the bottom she lands on a net and meets Four. There is three steps to initiation. The first one is physical. Which means guns, bow and arrows, and fighting. Tris has never fighted or shot anyone so she is in the bottom of the ranks at first. Then she starts practicing at night then gets in the top ten. The second stage is mental. You get a serum that makes you go into your fear landscape. That means you go into your worst fear and try to overcome it. You only can escape the fear when your heart rate slows down. Since Tris is divergent she can get through it faster because she knows that it isn't real. So she can do things that she can't do in real life. So it takes her like 5 minutes instead of the normal 15 minutes. Gets first rank in Stage 2. The third stage is when they evaluate the fear landscape and watch it on a big screen. Tris ends up getting First Rank out if everyone. Then they get a tracker put in them which is really and computer chip that tells them what to do. It does not work on Divergents so Tris has no Idea what is happening. She follows everyone and does the same thing so she doesn't stand out. They get on the train and head to Abnegation. When they get off the train Tris and Four go to Tris's old house to find her parents but they are not there. Her mother finds her and they go where they are hiding but Tris's mom dies in the process. She gets to the hideout and SHe finds other people along with Caleb her dad and Marcus Eaton. Tris, Caleb, Tris and Caleb's dad, and Marcus Eaton head to Dauntless to find Jeanine Matthews. They realize they can not go in the front entrance they need to go through the hole in the roof. When they find Jeanine they find guards. Then Tris's dad dies shooting the guards. When they find Jeanine Tris throws knife in Jeanine's hand. Puts the serum in her neck and then tells her to wipe the program. Dauntless goes out of the trance and then they run away on the train.


The conflict is that Tris is Divergent. And the leaders kill divergents. Not being killed and Protecting her family without being killed.