We Learn.We Collaborate&Celebrate

This Week - February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! KUDOS this week to:

We continue to have a lot to celebrate during this new year. Good growth with most of our students. So far we have the highest growth in SMI for our 3rd and 4th graders in the district!! Nice work on the math framework, team!

Kudos this week also goes to Kindergarten Teachers for being so reflective and open. THANK YOU!

Thank you Mrs. Pister for modeling positive relationships with students! #Firmyetkind

Thank you Mr. Wellman for incorporating reading and math into your art classes so nicely this week!

Thank you Mrs. Oldham, Mrs. McHenry, and Mrs. Hoffman for your great support each day!

Thank you Mrs. Meyers and Miss Henry for tutoring before and after school each week!

Thank you Kelly for holding the front down during such a CrAzY week!

Curriculum Focus/This Week

1. Team, I will email you asking for you to bring a center idea this week to your planning. We have talked a lot about what we do when kids don't get it! Next week, we want to talk about what we are doing with the kids who have it already during our PLC times! Your panda groups look solid! #awesomework!

Saw this in plans for this week:

Increase Rigor: Have students extend pattern or create a pattern of their own and have students solve at their table. #mademesmile #wantedtoTWEET

2. Continue to remind students of our classroom and hallway expectations. Level Zero!

3. Make sure every day is full of learning! Fridays are instructional days too! Let's make sure we are giving our kids the best each and every day!

Monday: President's Day; 1:45 Talent Show Rehearsal for participating students in MPR

Talent Show at 6 p.m. Certified Staff can earn Panda Time for attending

Wednesday: Digital Learning Day!!


Friday: All Pro Dad Meeting at 7:00 a.m.; Second Grade Writing Celebration at 8:15.