Jordan Rathbun

My story of how i became me

Black Veil Brides - In The End


i was born on February 21st 1994. I was 7lbs, 7oz


Mary Rathbun

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Nathan Smith

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I didn't have much growing up. i lost my grandfather when i was 4 and my father walked out of my life at 5 years old. my mom raised me and my brother Jeff on her own. i attended Hawthorne Elementary where i participated in Peewee Football. i played RB, TE, and Nose Guard. I was awarded the MVP award on our team. my mom was the best mom ever when i was growing up and the best dad to.



Me and my "family"

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Donovan, Nathan, Kyle, Me, And Panda (Chris)

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Kyle, Bunny Man, and me

Family Memories

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