Singing the National Anthem

Written by: Jennifer Stewart

Top High School Story

Do you think Beyonce couldn't sing the National Anthem at the White House?, A high school boy gets suspended from school for singing "The Star Spangled Banner.", After talking to Philip Malloy and he says that in every other class he goes to he is able to sing, but except for in Miss. Narwin's class. Philip said that Miss.Narwin is his English teacher, and she doesn't like him. He stated that " In the mooring, at school, in homeroom before mooring announcements, they play "The Star Spangled Banner." Phillip Said the she kicked him out the room for singing it. He said that it happen three times, then the assistant principal suspended him from the school. After getting Phillip Malloy story I talk to Harrison School Superintendent; Dr.Albert Seymour, and asked him if the school forbids students from singing "The Star Spangled Banner?, and his stead answer was" of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that? After getting Dr.Albert Seymour response, I called Dr.Gertrude Doane the Principal at Harrison High, and asked her the came question about Phillip Malloy, which she said " Discipline problem are usually in hands of my assistant principal, Dr.Palleni. In any case I was at meeting all-.", Which in my understanding that she doesn't know information about the story or about him being suspended. After getting off the phone with Dr. Gertrude Doane, I called Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Palleni, I asked him if he had suspended Phillip Malloy for singing the "The Star Spangled Banner.", In which he said " I did no such thing!", but he has no comment. at 11:00 I called Margaret Narwin Phillips English teacher and homeroom teacher, Miss. Narwin said " They boy was creating a disturbance." and that "We have a rule....", but the Superintendent said that there is no rule for singing "The Star Spangled Banner." I asked her if she acknowledge that she sent him from from the room? which her answer was " Yes, But..., this has came to my conclusion that the boy was able to sing "The Star Spangled Banner", but the teacher calls it being disruptive. This is Jennifer Stewart, and you are reading the Manchester Record.
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