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(Applications close on May 20th 2013 10pm GMT+2)

Who are the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum?

The Tel Aviv Global Shapers Hub is a group of engaged young leaders drawn from diverse fields, ranging from the arts to high technology and politics. Empowered by the WEF, we aim to leverage our combined capabilities toward practical action, in addressing our generation's challenges.We seek tangible impact, through efforts within our hub and between hubs, for the good of our community, our region and the world.

More about the Shapers:

Who are we looking for?

Shapers are selected on the basis of their exceptional achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to making a difference. Care is taken to ensure a diverse composition of professional and personal interests, as well as gender, social, economic, and other forms of diversity. Shapers come from all walks of life but share a spirit of entrepreneurship in the public interest. All members of the Community adhere to the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.

Our projects

- Table for two - Following the success of “Table for Two” worldwide, a group of our Shapers have decided to replicate the organization’s succesful initiative here in Israel, while adapting it to fit the specific needs of Israeli society. The mission is simple - to address the growing problem of poor nutrition in the state of Israel, through specificially priced dishes in restaurants around the country. Every time a costumer orders one of these dishes, 50 cents will go towards enhancing the quality of nutrition, where it's needed most around the country.

- Innovation Without Borders - We realized that one major benefit of the platform of the WEF is the access to incredible talents that when brought together, could help shed new light on some of the most harmful issues of today’s society. The idea behind Innovation Without Borders is to bring together Shapers with relevant experience from abroad to a 3 day workshop in Tel Aviv to share their experiences, ideas and solutions around a specific issue that is foremost on their mind. The workshop will include stakeholders to the issue in question, in order to make sure that the report resulting from this session contributes to solving this issue. The fist iteration of the project will address the problem of fostering High Tech innovation among young professionals. We hope that after a few successful iterations, we will able to formalize a replicable model that other hubs will be able to repeat on other topics.

- Kapaz - Kapaz is an international crowdsourcing initiative by youth for youth that aims to unleash the full potential of our generation to contribute to a world we will proudly hand over to future generations. It is designed to empower young people worldwide to drive transformative and tangible change.

As part of multiple exclusive international youth networks, connected to thousands of young opinion leaders from across the world, KAPAZ makes use of these existing resources to reach out to millions of youth worldwide in order to crowdsource their input on major challenges our generation is facing, and possible solutions for them to create the first Youth Global Agenda. The Youth Global Agenda will be an annually published document, shared freely on the web that will be written by millions of young people, and will present our shared values, issues and solutions as a generation

Cross Border ChatRoulette - The Cross Border Chatroulette Summit is an opportunity to meet, greet, share with and learn from our generation’s leaders as we strive to build a better future, together.

Think you can contribute to one of these projects?

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How to apply?

Please email us at with the subject: "Application" and make sure to include:

1) Resume (no more than 2 pages): your resume should include your date of birth to confirm eligibility.

2) Please mention the project you believe you can contribute to and explain why (no more than 250 words)

3) Please mention if there's any fellow Global Shapers or Young Global Leader you know.

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