The Age of Gobal Exploration

Discovering the New Worlds

Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry is leading the new exploration for Portugal! His large group of navigators have found the Maderia and Azores islands in Africa. We have heard that they have also claimed these islands too! The Prince has a lot of new interest in Africa. He thinks that exploring and claiming it can help lead them to even more riches. Prince Henry is also in search of a new route to Asia. He hopes to find an easier and more direct route. He is now working with special scientists that are officially known as cartographers. These highly educated men are mapmakers. Henry hopes that these men will be able to help him find this new route. He also got other experts to assist him through this process. Together, they are working on planning maps and designing and improving their ships. We are hoping that soon his ships will begin to explore the west side of Africa.

International News

Recently the Line of Demarcation was drawn to separate the non European world. Drawn by Pope Alexander VI in 1493, this line is greatly controversial because of the Pope's ties to the Church and the Spanish. As a native Spaniard, the Pope agreed with the Spanish royalty on how to divide the land. Most of the land is under Spanish control and the other is under Portugal. The countries in Europe see this as the two countries saying that they are better than any other country. This could cause more countries to try to colonized other territories. More countries could possible pursue naval exploration programs. The Line of Demarcation could also lead to conflict between Spain and Portugal.

More countries have started to join the race for land. Following the example set by the Portuguese, many countries have started building forts on their lands. To differ from the Portuguese, these forts were made for permanent residence. These colonies have been made in Africa and the Americas. The idea for permanent residence has led to the new idea of colonization. The first permanent settlement was in Cape Town and Africa is becoming a new topic of exploration.

Modern Technology

The Magnetic Compass

This is a time of great exploration, especially with Europeans voyaging to the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Ocean. The North Star, along with cloudy skies blocking the sun, can cause even the most experienced sailors, such as Christopher Columbus, to fall disoriented and begin drifting. The magnetic compass became one of the most important navigational tools. It is the newest instrument for navigation and has been vital for navigators at sea. The compass allows ships to steer a selected course. The navigator is able to fix a ship's position on a chart. The magnetic compass uses an iron needle, magnetized by a mineral called lodestone, that aligns with Earth's north-south poles. Explorers needed more guidance on their long oversea journeys than the sun and North Star provided. Most seek better sailing precision and this is leading to so many great inventions that are being made and discovered, including the magnetic compass.

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The Slave Trade

Come join the slave trade!

We are a legitimate business that spans most of the African coast. The slaves are need to run our plantations and they support are way of life. Each year 10,000 slaves are shipped across the Atlantic to help with our work. The opposition is limited, and having slaves is a part of everyday life.


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Travel: Goa

I have just returned from a three month trip to the island of Goa. Goa is located off the coast of India in Asia. In 1560, the Portuguese seized the island of Goa. Because of its location, Goa became a major military and commercial location. Afonso de Albuquerque burned down many towns near the coast of the island. Some Portuguese strongly took control of the port of Malacca in 1511. Once they completed this, they tortured and killed many Muslims there. This quickly became a massacre. After about 50 years had passed by, the Portuguese people had built a large trading empire. This also included merchant outposts which are far away areas that are still in the European control. In Goa, the Europeans are now in complete control of every aspect of their lives. The Asian people there have almost no say in any government and freedom of religion is very limited.

Written by:

Faith Murphy

Julia Earl

Savannah Roth

Janey Gelinas