Ridgemont School's


We wanted more....

The communities of Mt. Victory and Ridgeway were both proud of their schools in the early 1960’s. Most residents were happy with the existing school systems and the idea of joining the two schools was not popular at first. However the Ohio Board of Education threatening to revoke schools’ charters unless a minimum enrollment was met, action in that direction was inevitable. Ridgeway and Mt. Victory first considered consolidated in March of 1961. That attempt failed by vote of 476 against the proposal and 367 in favor.

In April 1961, Ridgeway had agreed to consolidate with Buckeye Local School District (West Mansfield & Rushsylvania). Speculation about the Mt. Victory entering into the new district was ended when it’s board voted 3-2 not to enter system. Two of the negative voters however, said that they would be willing to accept the plan if the Byhalia-York Schools decided to join the system. Byhalia agreed to the plan, as did Belle Center. The plan was to build a new facility centralized between the five schools. But problems arose and the plans for this consolidation were never materialized.

Success at Last

How we did it!

After an unsuccessful attempt to send Ridgeway and Mt. Victory students to Kenton, voters were again asked to consider joining the two schools. In March of 1963 the proposal was approved of 637-323.

The Ridgemont Local School District was born. Ralph Brown, superintendent of Mt. Victory as named administrator of the new system. Fannie Stough and Lloyd Dickinson of Mt. Victory, and Herbert LeValley and Woodrow Ansley of Ridgeway were named to the new Ridgemont Board of Education.

Residents of the new system were asked to suggest names for the new school district. The “ridge” of Ridgeway and the “mont” from Mt. Victory were combined to make Ridgemont. Fannie Stough suggested the nickname for the athletic teams be the Golden Gophers.

Who are we?

We are a group of local schools between two towns. We are the Ridgemont Golden Gophers.