Sea Otters


  • Sea otters fur color can range from brown to almost black.
  • Gaurd hairs may be silver, light brown, or black,
  • Sea otters have round flat tails.
  • Since a majority of their time is spent in water, they have webbed feet on the back.
  • They have claws on the front to grab food.
  • Sea otters typically live up to 10-12 years but some have lived to 25.


Food Chain

  • Sea otters are carnivores they typically eat sea urchins, mollusques, crustacians, and some little fish.


  • Use rocks to open some food.
  • Prefer to hunt alone.
  • Forge during morning and night sleep during noon.
  • Sea otters are very social animals
  • They typically float around in packs of 10-100
  • When swimming sea otters float on their stomach

Reason for Endangerment

Critical Information