Mountain Ranch

Myla Anzelone


My house would be found in the mountain. It has a 2 levels and an open floor plan. It features lots of fire places. Also it has a lot of windows and contrasts materials like a metal roof and red wood seeder. There is a wrap around porch and many other porches along with many window walls.
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The mountain ranch style dates back to 1830's. This is for a family that is organized and is scrappy with materials. They need to think ahead and be prepared for anything with food and materials. They have exposed red wood, lots of windows, stone and metal roofs. Ranch type house were originally made of pine and aspen lumber, posts, and local stone.

The average price of the mountain ranch is $300,000

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Fashion Of Mom

After mo0 works till 3:30 she picks the kids up from the bus stop then cooks and bakes in the kitchen and keeps the house picked up.

Fashion Of Dad

He works hard everyday and when he has free time he enjoys hunting and spending time with the kids.

Fashion Of Kids

The kids have a routine everyday, They get home and do there homework then keep to themselves why mom cooks dinner and dad hasn't got home from work yet. After they eat they bathe, read a book then go to bed