Student Bio

About Myself

Me, Myself and I

I was born in Dayton, Ohio in mid-may. I grew up in a small town named Eaton, not too far south of Dayton. I was raised by my mother, whom is very strong and loving. My father on the other hand, was never really in any of his children's lives.


I've been playing football since the third grade. Which helped me make friends. I met my best friend Skylar Adams in fourth grade. We are still friends today, in fact we are pretty much neighbors. Obviously I've had other friends besides Skylar but he is my ride or die, we've been through way too much.

Future plans

I never really decided what i wanted to do in my life, i never really wanted to choose. I wanted to do a lot with my life. I guess if i were to do anything, id like to join the Air force.

The Air force pays full tuition for me to go to college and i get to fight for and serve my country. I wanted to go to culinary school because i always wanted to be a cook. I want to take business in college so it could possibly help me own my own restaurant some day.