Staff Update: October 31st

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion


  • Muchísimas gracias to Sandra Pellico Panizo, for all of the wonderful work she has done with our 2nd grade students! Sandra is returning to Spain this weekend, but rumor has it we may get to see her again next year!
  • High-fives to Megan Kochmann, Leah Wieseler, Charlie Baranauckas and Katie Raso for supporting our student councils at each school!
  • Tammy Wilson has expanded her Technology Integration Specialist role to full time at Crestview!
  • Patty Erickson and Kathy Kosmerl, school psychologists, have joined us to help support both buildings during Kelly DeGezelles maternity leave.
  • Shelley Bealka will be joining the Crestview staff on November 18th as a Math and Reading support teacher. (0.5 Math Intervention Pilot Grant, 0.5 Title I in grade 3 to replace Tammy Wilson)
  • Lindsay Heagle will be joining us as the LTS in Erin Retelle's Kindergarten classroom beginning some time in December.
  • Daniel Bjorlin will be joining us as the LTS in Title I for Amanda Jensen in January.

Know of other staff/students who have done something great?

(or even just kind of cool?) Please send a note to Tina so we can celebrate them here!

#EdCamp833! November 8th, Park High School


On November 8th, from 7:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. we will all be attending an EdCamp at Park High School. Please register on PDExpress, under: DW: 11/8/13 EdCamp.

Brian Boothe has sent out talking points for principals to share with all of the schools. Because parking is going to be tight, the district will be running a shuttle from East Ridge High School, AND (see below) he included a statement that there will be limited parking in our lot. Translation: you might want to be here early on Friday, Nov. 8th!

Notes from Brian Boothe


  • Either your instructional laptop, an iPad, or both.
  • Come prepared to share ideas, have organic conversations, and connect with other educators across District 833.

Parking at Park High School:

  • We strongly advise everyone to carpool to Park High School.
  • The Cottage Grove Police Department has given us permission to park on Ideal Avenue during the day. No tickets will be issued.
  • Limited parking is available at Crestview/Nuevas Fronteras.


  • We will have bottled water and coffee available at the start of EdCamp833.
  • A light snack of granola bars will be available before the first session starts.

What to expect:

  • Check-In in the lobby at PHS – done by student volunteers.
  • Move to the Gym – begin to suggest session topics:
  • I am willing to facilitate a discussion about…
  • I am interested in participating in…
  • A presentation on why we are EdCamping.
  • Learn how to EdCamp.

When the sessions start:

  • These are meant to be conversations, not presentations. Encourage participants to face each other.
  • The facilitator should try to start the conversation by sharing out what they are there to talk about – or by asking a few questions.
  • There will be two sessions, each 50 minutes long.

After the second session:

  • We will be participating in what is called a ‘smackdown’ after the second session. Participants will be given a color dot on their name badge. Each group is assigned a different location in the building where they can go and share out something they learned or another resource they want to share.

NFSI October Update

NFSI Update for October

Stepping into the Future

Next Week at a Glance:

3rd Grade Teams have morning and afternoon supervision/bus duty.

Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion and Crestview Elementary Schools




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